Logging on to the website:
Follow link to and click on Log In at the top right.
Enter “lyndhurstbowlingclub” in the email box, click continue
Enter the password and click Log In
At the top left, click on My Site to access the admin pages:

Creating and Publishing Team Selections:
On the left hand menu, click on Site Pages to show the list of all pages.
A Team Selection page has been created for each fixture. Either scroll down to the fixture you need, or click on the “magnifying glass” search icon:

And type the opposition team name in the search box and find the appropriate fixture
Make sure you select the correct fixture – the same club may have matches against Mens and Ladies teams firsts and seconds!
From the menu on the right, click on Edit:

Type the names of those selected in the appropriate boxes, then click Update at the top right.
Click Close at the top left to go back to the Pages menu.


To link Team Selection from the Fixture list:

In the Site Pages menu, search for Mens Fixtures, Ladies Fixtures or Friendly Fixtures and select the appropriate fixture list. Or scroll down the list of pages until you reach the fixtures pages. From the menu on the right, click on Edit.

Find the fixture, and click REGISTER. This will highlight the word and show the link to the registration page. Click on the X to remove it:

Delete the word REGISTER and replace with Selected Team.
Highlight Selected Team, then click on the link icon in the toolbar at the top:

This shows the list of all pages on the site below the heading “Link to existing content”. Scroll down the list to the Team Selection page you have just edited, or use the search function.
Select the page with the button to the left – the address appears in the URL box – and click Save (note, this may say Add Link rather than Save):

Click Update at the top right, then Close| at the top left

The Team Selection has been published the fixture list link updated!



The Team Selection pages have all been created for you to add, but you may want to add extra pages yourself e.g. if a new fixture is added to the list, or you want to create a registration page for a social event.
You can do this in two ways: Either copy an existing page (e.g. to add a new Team Selection page you can copy one of the existing Templates) or by creating a completely new page

Copying Existing Page

Select the page you wish to use as a template and click on “Copy” from the menu
Edit the title and text as required, using the format icons if necessary.
NOTE: This won’t overwrite the existing page, it will create a new page with the title and text that you enter.

If you want to allow comments on the page, click on More Options and ensure that Allow Comments and Allow Pingbacks are ticked:

Click Publish at the top right, then click Publish again.

The page will not be accessible on the site until it is linked from an existing page. This is done by editing the page you wish to link from – eg by saying “click here to go to the page” and adding a link to the word “here”. Follow the instructions in the “To link Team Selection” section above.


Creating New Pages

From the main menu, click on the Add button next to Site Pages.
Give the page a title, and then add the text, using the format icons if required.
Continue as for Copying Exiting Page, and link from an existing menu.

Adding Images:

To add an image to a page, click on “Add” on the top menu, and select Media.
Either use an existing image, or click “Add New” to upload and select an image.
When selected, click Insert.
Click on the image to show the icons for centring, sizing, adding caption etc.
JPEGs are the best file format to use. PDFs can be added but this is a little trickier.



There are two kinds of content – PAGES and POSTS.

PAGES are the structure of the website.

POSTS are new items and messages that will be sent out by email to all registered subscribers, published to the website, and listed on the “News” menu. A link will also appear automatically on the twitter page.

The two kinds of content are used for different circumstances eg A fixture list – and each fixture registration page – will be on a PAGE which members will come to the website to find, whereas a reminder that we need players to register will be a POST and will also be sent by email to prompt them to visit the site.

The process for creating pages and posts are very similar except that you will use the Blog Posts link instead of the Site Pages link
Use the Add button for a new post, or Copy an existing post.
Edit the text and add images in the same way that you would for Pages.

You may want just the introduction to the post to appear in the email with a prompt for the reader to click on the site for the whole post. In this case, click where you wish to break the text and add a Read More tag from the toolbar:


When the post is ready to publish:

The post will automatically publish on Twitter, if you don’t want this, click on Sharing on the right hand menu and untick Twitter.
If you want to allow comments, click on More Options and ensure that Allow Comments and Allow Pingbacks are ticked

Click Publish and your post will be sent by email to all registered members, and published on Twitter. It will also appear in the News menu.