Club Competitions 2022

Lyndhurst Bowling Club’s 7 main Internal Competitions

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The Rood Cup (Our Beginners Cup, Singles)
This is open to all, ladies and gentlemen, and is normally the first competition new bowlers enter. Played on the basis one V one with a marker/scorer, the winner is the first to reach 21 points. This is not open to bowlers who have won either this cup or other club competitions. Each player uses 4 woods.

The Lyndhurst Challenge Cup (Men’s Singles)
This is as it says, a singles competition open only to men aiming at becoming our Club Champion. Again the winner is the first to 21 points and you will need a marker/scorer for this game. A good way to expand your experience is by challenging all comers of different levels in this cup. Each player uses 4 woods.

The Percy Long Trophy (Ladies Singles)
Like the men’s cup this competition is open to all lady members competing to be the top ladies bowler. Again, it’s the first player to reach 21 points in the game, which will be overseen by a marker/scorer. Ladies can use this cup to develop their skills and sometimes play against more experience players. Each player uses 4 woods.

The Salter Cup (Handicapped Singles)
This singles cup is where individual players, ladies or gentlemen, will be allocated a handicap according to their experience as a player and how well they have done in previous competitions. Played up to 21 points the first reaching this target will be the winner. Again a marker/scorer is required to oversee the game. Players like this cup as the handicaps give newer players some advantage at the beginning. Each player uses 4 woods.

The Pitman Wing Challenge Cup (Open Pairs)
This cup is where you get to play with another player of your choosing in a pairs format. It can be lady/gent, two ladies, or two gents of any standard, against another pair. Playing with a friend or fellow bowler is often a good way to help with tactics, skill and a game plan, which is very popular with bowlers. No marker/scorer is required as you do this yourselves during the game. This cup is different than the singles games, as 21 ends must be played and whoever is in the lead at that point are declared the winners. Each player uses 4 woods.

The Tregunna Challenge Cup (Drawn Handicapped Pairs)
This is another pairs format with handicaps taken into consideration at the start of the game. This is a drawn at random competition so players will not know in advance of the draw or who their partner will be. This throws up interesting challenges and often unexpected pairs drawn together put in good performances and win this cup. Like the open pairs it is 21 ends played with the pair in front at this time being the winners. It could be lady/gent, two ladies or two gents depending on how the draw happens. Each player uses 4 woods.

The Hughes Memorial Trophy (3 Woods Singles)
This is our final club competition and is different in every way to the other singles competitions with a totally interesting format. This cup is open to all players, ladies and gents, and as the title suggests is played with 3 woods only. It is played over 2 sets of 9 ends and whoever has the most points when 9 ends are played wins the set. If you win both sets (of 9 ends) then you are declared the winner however, if you win one set each then a decider must be played. The decider is the “best of 3 ends” and whoever is in the lead after 3 ends wins the overall match. A marker/scorer will oversee the game to see the rules are followed correctly. As this is a different type of game, the rules of this competition are always displayed on the competitions notice board for guidance.

We hope by reading this information, or by watching other players playing in a competition you may be interested in putting your name down and giving it a try. Players sometimes as early as their first full season after joining will take part. It is definitely a good way to enjoy your bowling, feel part of the club and meet new players ladies and gents. Don’t be put off or nervous, give it a try – this is how all of us began to improve our own performances and personal standards!

Please speak to any committee member or experience players for advice as to what in the first instance will be best for you in club competitions. All are happy to help?