Committee Report 5th March 2018


Minutes of Meeting held 5th March 2018

Those present:

  • J Howell (Pres.)
  • G Clarke
  • G Baker (Sec.)
  • D Croucher
  • L Barnes (Treas.)
  • B Hammond (Ladies Sec.)
  • P Barnes (Capt.)
  • A Lowe (Vice Capt.)
  • S Barnes (Vice Pres.)
  • L Russell (Ladies Capt.)
  • R White (Match Sec.)


1 Apologies

All present

2 President’s Opening Remarks

John had attended a NF Exec. Meeting at which the question was asked as to whether tailored shorts were permissible. The feeling from that meeting was that it was up to individual clubs.

A very successful meeting had been held with our web site designer Adrian Brown about the major upgrade being carried out. It was proposed therefore that next month’s meeting would be held at the Centre for a presentation.

John asked if Safeguarding was included in the Club Rules.

Action: G Baker

3 Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

The last minutes had been distributed and were accepted as a true record.


2.1 The visit by Page Park was in our fixtures.

2.2 The NF Post had no space available for adverts on their back page this year. After discussion the cost for including a leaflet in the NF Post for certain post codes would be ascertained.

Action: G Baker

3.6 Ray White’s piece for the press – done

3.9 John Williams had been asked to contact members with club information only.

7.1 There would be a change to the rink colour schedule with blue being moved a further

18 ins. away from the pavilion ditch to help bowling on the ditch side.

4 Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer gave an update on the Club’s finances.

There were still 27 subs outstanding.

5 Secretary’s Report

BH Newsletter highlighted new data protection regulations coming in on 25th May.

  • We would need to audit what we have and with whom we share it.

  • We should BCC when sending circular emails.

  • At each membership renewal we need to ask members’ consent to the holding of their information.

  • Members, who leave the club, should be immediately removed from records and distribution lists.

  • Members’ information should not be shared with other organisations without the member’s consent.

BH Mini Break details would be put on the notice board.

An award system has been introduced to recognise members who have given outstanding service. The first recipients were Derek Place of Brockenhurst and Peter Cooper of Bridgemary. Nominations should be sent to the BH Sec. by the end of August.

An anonymous letter had been received by the Sec. detailing a bowler in the district who was considered by the sender to be an undesirable. The letter would be kept on file.

6 Match Secretary’s Report

All matches and events had been set up and the fixture list prepared.

7 Captain’s Report

A club peaked cap would cost £6 + VAT and it was decided to purchase 50.

8 Ladies’ Section Report

The Ladies meeting had be postponed to next Friday.

9 Social Programme

Deposits for the Celebration Dinner were coming in and details would be in the Spring Newsletter. The room had been booked and 59 names had been received.

10 Ground Maintenance

The PIR light needed to be replaced.

The barge board on the Men’s Changing Room needed attention.

A working party would take place on 7th April with the green opening on the 14th.

11 Green Maintenance

Top dressing would be carried out on Wednesday.

12 Membership


13 AOB

J Howell The Tennis Club were planning to obtain a defibrillator and ideally would like all three clubs to be included. After discussion it was decided we should be part of this.

R White Other clubs played friendlies in club shirts and it was decided we should do the same if individual members wished.

G Clarke Suggested we use some of Adrian Pennells’ donation to obtain a named bench in memory of Pauline. John would check this with Adrian.

Action: J Howell

14 Next Meeting

Monday, 9th April 2018, 7 p.m.