Hello all yes we have our own Black Wednesday, this is next Wednesday 24th October starting at 0930hrs at the Club (Sorry though its not retail therapy kind I’m afraid.)

Our Black Benches 1 large and 2 small plus our Black Main Entrance Gates are in desperate need of a good sanding down and painting, all too busy during the bowling season. So everybody, Ladies and Gents, please please please we need some help with   ………. sanding and rubbing down of these things, (bring your own sander or sand paper please we will have power there if you have one.) If all goes well with sanding, we hope to give them a really good coat of paint on the day ready for the winter and the 2018 season! The benches can then all be put away like the others, which were done last year. Your help and support on this day would be SO gratefully received otherwise these jobs fall behind and never get done. Turn up if you can please at anytime you can spare, your presence next week will be so valuable to help ur Club out.

So come on lets make next Wednesday 24th Oct a good attendance for our very own Club Black Wednesday productive work day!!!!

Thank you in advance John H, Peter B, Graham C and Steve E. (Maintenance Group)

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