Club Member of the Year 2018

Our Club Secretary Geoff Baker has asked to remind ALL members that voting for the above Annual Award, closes on Monday 5th November 2018! So far only a small number of members have cast their votes and we really need many more of you to vote!

Just a reminder that The Club Member of the Year is voted by his/her fellow members for that person (or it could be a couple if you feel appropriate) who has really excelled or worked extra hard in whatever capacity. This is putting in that extra effort for our Club and our members and deserves a little recognition? The Award is presented at our AGM on the 22nd November so its very important you send your choice in by next Monday evening 5th Nov please.

Please reply asap by email to and just state your choice of who you think deserves this important Annual Award. (ie My Choice is……….. naming the person followed by your name). Only Geoff gets to see this in confidence and its not disclosed until the AGM.

Thank you John Howell


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