It’s official

Well done the men’s first team who have not only gained promotion into league 1 but have won the division with one match yet to play. This has been a great club effort and we are all proud. It should also be noted what an important part the 2nd team has played in being a nursery developing some of the newer 1st team players and providing reserves and substitutes where neccessary.

Well done lads. The Club is proud of you.

3 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. mike harland

    I have played fort he first team at Lyndhurst for some 42 years and I cannot remember a better performance by the team and when I say team that includes all the players from the second team who filled in for us in times of need. It has been a real pleasure to play with you all and to see the terrific fight the team put up right to the end of each game. Thanks to you all. Mike Harland

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