Ladies maintain their position!

Congratulations to all the Ladies who have helped the Ladies Teams maintain good positions in the league especially the team in the “C” league which managed a very credible Runners Up position. Everyone had better look out next year.

2 thoughts on “Ladies maintain their position!

  1. susan dorothy

    You bet they had! We have some really good ‘newbies’ showing great promise who turn up consistently for practice. The second team have reaped the benefit of other ladies who joined in the past few years and are confident performers now. We have the makings of a very formidable team base of ladies. Respect too, to Jean Aplin for the encouragement she gives the second team, which is a big part of their success.

  2. susan dorothy

    I would also like to say that our Club Captain, Liz, has done tremendously well this year (as of old), winning through to the New Forest Finals singles but most of all going all the way to Leamington, the England finals, in the singles. It was unfortunate that on her first match The Heavens opened and, really, it was any body’s game. Very well done Liz!

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