Changing Rooms Work, Help Needed!

Dear All

During our close season our committee would like to freshen up our changing rooms and our mens and ladies toilets. Last year we had a “Black Painting Day” working on our seating benches, this year we will have “Two Changing Rooms Days!!!!”

An appeal please for help Ladies and Gentlemen on the following days?

Wednesday 26th February 2020 and Friday 28th February 2020, starting at 9-30am!

Please, if you can come along and give as much time on either day, or both if you can, from an hour or even several hours that would be massively appreciated by your committee. You do not need any “DIY or Previous Experience,” we will find jobs for you to do? From washing or cleaning walls and paintwork, to rubbing down wooden areas, brushing, painting or general jobs there will be something where you can help your club a little bit. The more the merrier of course and it will be great to see our changing rooms and toilets looking freshly painted and cleaned up ready for our 2020 Season! It benefits us all, members, visitors and guests.

If you have any of the following then please bring them along? Dust sheets, buckets, sponges, brushes small or soft and dustbins, step ladders would be helpful for the high stuff. Also if you have any spare sandpaper, rollers or paint brushes that would be appreciated (they may not be needed but bring anyway) you can never have too many. Peter B is sorting all the relevant equipment we shall need. Tea/coffee/soft drinks and biscuits provided on the days but bring any personal snacks you may need, we must have a break or two or three, of course.

Appreciated and Thank You in Advance.

John H (President)

3 thoughts on “Changing Rooms Work, Help Needed!

  1. margaret taylor

    Just to say I turned up today and was told it was only coffee morning .Lady said she had no message about it thought i was at wrong club was aked who posted it I said John And was told that George was the person who did posts .Let me know when I can join Lyndhurst . Margaret

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