2021 “Open Day” Information For You!

Dear All, Recruiting new members to our Bowling Club is vital for the very future of bowling here at Lyndhurst? This means that our up and coming Open Day, Saturday 29th May 2021 (full times etc on the next post) is so important to sign up newcomers to our Club. No amount of publicity, leaflets, and post drops, banners, posters or advertising can match the famous “Word of Mouth” recommendation? As valued members could I please ask you all to get your thinking caps on around the new members subject, throughout the next few weeks?

A Massive Request therefore, please could you all try and persuade, encourage, assist and help any new members to join our “great club” and perhaps coming along with them to the Open Day. If you or they can’t make that day you could always bring them friends etc up at another convenient day and time, (no excuses) a committee member can always assist. Bringing along one person would be good, two would be great and three fantastic!! By doing this you would be opening up the game of bowls and our club to new people, whether they be friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues. Situated here in Lyndhurst we are competing with other bowls clubs, such as Totton, Waterside and Brockenhurst who are also looking for new members? We can ALL play our part by by helping to get people along to “have a go” and maybe sign up for at least the first season?

Bowling is one of those outdoor sports, which in these times is safe, in the open-air, friendly, fun, and competitive if you want and played at sensible distance? If people are worried they can still play and be safe? Last year during Covid bowling showed very good signs of new interest in the sport. Consequently Bowls England is holding a BBW (Big Bowls Weekend) throughout the country of which we as a club are signed up to! Events are taking place from the Friday through to the May Bank Holiday Monday, UK wide as a way of introducing the game to as many people of all ages, and both sexes as possible. This is why we have pitched our “Open Day” for the Saturday 29th May to link in. Aiming at a target of 10 new members that would be great, a 15 target marvellous? If the target of 15 of new members signed up was reached, I would be absolutely thrilled! You never know it may even go higher?

Finally a huge “thank you” to all existing members for re- joining our Club this year and the help many of you have given before and are still doing so with introducing new members? Now lets go one step further and use our Club Open Day for recruiting more new members and continue to make our club successful? Intro leaflets are available at the clubhouse to give out to those you think might be interested? Take what you need more can be printed if required let me know?

John (President)

NB. A notice will go up soon in the clubhouse asking for names of volunteers to help out on the day please. If you are bringing somebody along you can of course stay with them and help them on the green for the introduction.

One thought on “2021 “Open Day” Information For You!

  1. Malcolm Holmes

    Open Day
    What a great rallying call John. If I can add my weight to the cause, we must all know someone who we can invite to come along and have a go. It just needs a bit of thought and a “let’s-do-it” attitude.
    We all get a lot out of the club. Let’s all share the load!

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