Step 3 Bowling Guidance Update

Please would you all read the following information quoted “Return to Play” guidance issued from Bowls England our sport governing body on the 10th May 2021!

Bowls England is delighted to publish our latest guidance for Return To Play, following today’s (Monday 10 May) confirmation from the Prime Minister regarding a further easing of restrictions from next week. From Monday 17 May, England will enter Step 3 of the Government’s roadmap, and this is now reflected in our latest guidance, which are formed from government guidelines.

The main headlines are:

  • All restrictions on formats and numbers for organised activity under the jurisdiction of Bowls England will be removed. (No rink or numbers restrictions on the Green for play)
  • Car sharing will be permitted.
  • Indoor hospitality can resume.
  • Spectators can return.

What does this mean for us here at Lyndhurst Bowling Club?

With effect from tomorrow Monday 17th May 2021 all other previous guidance is replaced by these new rules and guidance at our Lyndhurst Bowling Club. In effect we can at our Club and at other Clubs we visit, return to some similar sort of the normal state of bowling and socialising that we were used to before the Covid Restrictions. However set out below will be the best guidance advice for our club we can offer to members, guidance may vary club to club so please be aware? (This Notice will be displayed at the club)

  1. Common Sense: Please use your own common sense and follow whatever practice you feel safe with personally, especially around hygiene. Please DO NOT come to the Club if you are feeling unwell, thank you. The main gates will now be closed when nobody is at the premises so close if you are last to leave.
  2. Social Distancing: Please practice social distancing when bowling and in the grounds/clubhouse, at least 1 and a half metres whenever possible.
  3. Booking Systems. You do not need to book in advance to play at Lyndhurst. Club Matches, League and Friendlies, Ladies and Men’s, Competitions both Internal and External are booked in the usual way and will be entered into the Club Diary in the clubhouse, please check there is room for you to bowl? However ALL Persons both players, spectators and guests WILL need to print their name, time and date as before, each time they visit the club (guests only can leave a contact number, visiting teams dealt with by the Captains who will have a record of names) for NHS tracing. This book is now located on the kitchen worktop do not move it about please?
  4. Changing Rooms and Toilets: These will be open to use by all? Because of the size of our rooms we recommend no more than 2-3 people maximum in the rooms at any one time. Lockers are in use and will continue to be so?
  • Pavilion/Clubhouse: As per the guidance the clubhouse is now open for entering for all to obtain keys, use of the facilities, hospitality and catering, using all notice boards and seating when needed. As our Clubhouse is not the biggest we recommend as a guidance no more than 12 persons inside, spread out sensibly please at any one time? Opening of both the main doors and the fire door for airflow is recommended. There is no objection if you wish to wear a facemask inside. Drinks of all kinds and food are allowed to be served when appropriate. If paying please try and have the correct change ready? Hygiene as mentioned is very important and frequent washing of hands and the using of gel hand sanitizers if needed thank you.
  • Equipment: Bowling woods, mats, jacks, rink/ditch markers, scoreboards, 2 metres poles and bowls pushers CAN be used. Also personal equipment such as lifters, gloves, tape measures (your own) and spray chalk only. We recommend only touching with the minimal number of persons, common sense please! There is no requirement by our club to sanitise the equipment, either before or after use. There is no objection if you want to use your own though. (On the jacks do not use strong disinfectants as they are discolouring the jacks; a light wipe only is needed)
  • Car Sharing: This is now allowed under the new rules but again this is down to the individuals to decide and once again common sense to be used. There is no objection if you do not want to car share and are welcome to drive alone of course?
  • Spectators: Spectators are allowed to attend the club to watch bowling and we welcome them back, we’ve missed you? The cushions box is provided by the equipment bowls store for seats. Please print your names time and date in the Record Tracing Book which is in on kitchen top.
  • Numbers Allowed: There are a maximum number of 30 people permitted on the premises both inside and out under government social gathering guidelines. It is rare that we exceed these numbers even with matches taking place at our club. Once gain using common sense if you see a large crowd already in the club perhaps just do a quick head count before entering. (Max of 24 players on the green). Spectators often come and go with frequency so things change very quickly be patient.
  • Thank You to all our members in advance for following the guidelines and rules to date its been testing at times. I am delighted Step 3 has now happened and that you will be able to enjoy your bowling more and socialising at our club. Final word from me is “Common Sense” and stay safe I look forward to this next stage!

John Howell (President)

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