Sandy Lane Road Closure/Club Housekeeping

Dear Members

Road Closure (Urgent Information)

This is to inform you that access and exit to Sandy Lane from Shrubbs Hill Road is not possible from today, (Road Closed) SSE are working and vehicles are unable to use this way in or out? Pedestrian and cycle access is un effected. Sandy Lane and our Bowling Club by car is still accessible via Chapel Lane ( ignore the Road Closed Sign) and the exit is also this way out! (It is not known how long the road will be closed?) Please let other members know thank you.

Clubhouse Fire Door (Security)

When locking up the clubhouse would all members double check that the west end ”Fire Exit Door” is firmly closed, pulled and the door hard shut. Unfortunately the door has been left open twice already this season so security is vital as anybody could enter into our Clubhouse if the door is left open thank you!

Secondhand Woods, Shoes and Clothing

Could I please ask members to refrain from leaving any of the above items, however well intentioned, in our Clubhouse or Equipment Store without getting prior committee approval. We work hard to keep the Clubhouse and Store clean and tidy and try to avoid them getting too cluttered. The Club has 29 sets of woods (various sizes) for new bowler use so at present we do not need further donations. If you do have any of the above items and feel they may sell or be useful to others then please speak to a committee member first, thank you.

Cleaning Rota

The cleaning rota is now up and running and posted on the club notice board. Please check which date you are needed to clean (its only once a season) and follow the guidelines set out!

League Teams Availability Lists

These lists Ladies and Men Teams are now posted on the Notice Boards. All our Captains/ Selectors work hard to select teams so it would be great if you could indicate your availability weeks and games to play! If you are a newish bowler who would perhaps like to give a league match a try out, please could add your names/dates and speak to one of the team selectors to let them know.

John H ( President)

2 thoughts on “Sandy Lane Road Closure/Club Housekeeping

  1. Gill Edwards

    Sorry John, I left the bowls and bag. I have lost your contact details so couldn’t check in advance. I will take them back if the club doesn’t want them, but I was hoping they would sell and the club could keep any money raised.
    Apologies once again.

    1. John Howell

      Gill no problem I’ll sort it out? We are trying to avoid too much clutter in the Clubhouse! I’ll be in touch thank you.

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