Bournemouth & District league

Dear Members 

Please read the attached information concerning our club possibly joining the Bournemouth and District Bowling League next season – click on THIS LINK.

All is self explanatory and Neil and I emphasise by showing your interest you are NOT committing to each weekend in the season. The aim is to form a “pool” of players, Gents and Ladies, to choose a team from if the project goes ahead! We as a club have previously looked at league team options, both in Southampton and Bournemouth Associations during the last 20 years or so but it has never happened. Should there be support for this idea then it’s important to note that this does NOT in anyway effect our memberships of both New Forest Associations where our league and competitions bowling will continue as before.

You can indicate your interest, on the notice board, making a comment to this blog or speaking to either Neil, Adrian, Colin or myself? 

Thank you
John (President)

3 thoughts on “Bournemouth & District league


    Not for me as a regular but could fill in occasionally.
    I have noted the the teams in the lower leagues but you must remember that the league reaches as far as Swanage.
    Just a reminder that the fours games are played in whites.
    This last season we have struggled to field two teams. Will we have the availability.
    What is the cost to the club of joining?

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