Club Member of the Year 2022

Dear Members

Please could you get your thinking hats on ready for our AGM on Thursday 24th November 2022, 7 pm for a 7-15 pm start at the Community Centre. I refer to your choice, your personal preference for our Club Member of the Year which will be presented as a surprise at the Presentation Section of the AGM.

When considering your choice, who do you think has gone that extra mile or put that extra effort into Lyndhurst Bowling Club in the last year? It could be on helping generally, coaching or assisting others with their game or always volunteering on maintenance tasks to be done. Your choice is not confined to just bowling please take into account all our socials and all the hard work that goes into making them successful.

In order to keep this a surprise on the night, I will do-ordinate your votes in confidence and I will be the only one counting and keeping track. If I could kindly ask you let me know by the 20th November that would be helpful. You have the option to vote for a couple who work and help together or an individual? It is not confined to Committee Members as many of us (but not all) have won in previous years. It really is down to you as I say your choice. There is a trophy to be presented and a reminder last years winner was Colin Firth.

Please contact me with your vote directly, or by telephone texting me, or emailing me if you know my personal email, or by using our club email address which is: where I can pick up your votes in confidence.

Please DO NOT REPLY BY MAKING A COMMENT TO THIS BLOG otherwise everyone can see who you voted for which rather adds difficulties to the voting?

Thank you in advance

John H (President)

One thought on “Club Member of the Year 2022

  1. lynne haslam

    I would like to nominate Colin and Sue Firth who have contributed so much to social events this year!

    Lynne Haslam ________________________________

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