Bowling Outdoors Not Long Now!

The start of our 2023 Season is very close so let’s get organised, more later…

Before we start bowling we need to get equipment, matting and seat benches in place so we will be ready to go. Therefore your help and attendance please this coming Saturday 1st April (Sunday if really wet) starting at 9 am for a “working party” for members. During the close season a lot of work has been taking place, inside and outside, so more help on Saturday will really see us ready to go for the bowling season.

Our new equipment shed is up and fully in use, new locks installed on changing rooms and bowls store, and all our long lengths of hedges surrounding our green have been well trimmed. Much work has been taking place on the green by our new man Steve Hill so it’s looking good. Inside the Clubhouse there have been changes too. A new piece of furniture has been constructed which I’m sure you will all approve of and the pavilion has been fully painted inside, including the kitchen area. A new “Admin Table” and old bookcase removed. New full lengths blinds now adorn our long length windows and they look great, so lots has been happening at the Club! Massive thanks go to Colin Firth and Mike McCrossan for the furniture item and blinds, assisted by Adrian Goddard and Ian Woodro. I’ve been clearing and tidying behind the scenes. Electrics, thanks go to Ian Humphrey for all his work to help. We hope you’ll all like the changes that have taken place.

Saturday 8th April 2023 at 2 pm ( Easter Saturday) is the Big Day! All members are invited and welcome to our opening of the Green! This is a “Casual Roll Up” for you to get arms swinging, using shorter “Jack Lengths” but to start bowling again. Just turn up please and numbers will be sorted out on the day. After the 8th April we are then open daily from 10 am till 9 pm (unless otherwise notified) for you to bowl, until the end of September 2023! The usual Roll Ups and Club Nights will commence and leagues will start at the end of April and early May.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

John H

4 thoughts on “Bowling Outdoors Not Long Now!

  1. allan jones

    John We are really looking forward to the new season, despite me (Allan) having developed a bit of a hip problem over the winter! Regrettably, we won’t be able to help out this coming Saturday as we have visitors.  Many apologies. Best wishes Jan and Allan Jones

  2. Tony Amos

    Good Evening JOHN, Hope you are fit and well,Brenda and I are back from South Africa and our subscription is due how would you like us to pay .Kind Regards Anthony Amos 

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