Bowling Equipment Suppliers

Suggestions for New Bowlers or those upgrading:

NOTE – Lyndhurst Bowling Club are not affiliated with any of the companies below, and do not specifically recommend any company. We are not responsible for the content of any third party websites

Websites, Companies and Information Online
(Most online companies have a help line telephone number)
Previously Julian Haines Bowling. Located at The Dolphin Indoor Bowling Centre, 52, Waterloo Road, Poole, Dorset, BH17 7LG. This shop has an excellent supply of bowls equipment and run by two very experienced bowlers, Dan and Perry who will be only to keen to advise and help you with your enquiries. Check out their website or telephone in advance to check what equipment is in stock.
Tel No is [zero]1202 [zero]39665

Road Shows: Bowling Sales
From time to time there are companies with all their equipment for sale that tour clubs including some locally. Look out for these advertised or by word of mouth from other members?
These normally take place usually at The Atherley Bowling Club, Southampton, Totton Bowling Centre, Totton and also Brockenhurst Bowling Club.

Lyndhurst Bowling Club
has also an arrangement with a company called Rainbow Imaging based in Lymington. There they can do embroidery putting your name and our Club Logo onto personal clothing for you, payable directly to them.

Remember, new bowlers  there is no need to rush to buy, especially your choice of woods. Talk to experienced Club members/bowlers to get advice especially around woods and correct size as these can be expensive. Also speak to others to see what appropriate clothing you may/will need before buying.
Try out woods are available in our Club Equipment Store to use on a temporary basis so you can vary the sizes to see what works for you.

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