Men’s League 2019

2019 sees the introduction of a Men’s League Championship. The 23 participants are divided into three randomly drawn groups (two groups of eight, one group of seven), progressing to a Knockout Stage.

Click HERE to view the results and standings for the Group Stage.

Click HERE to view draw and results for the Knockout Stage



All games are played using normal singles format; four woods per player, first to 21 shots. Handicapping will apply as follows:

  • If players have opposite handicaps (plus vs minus), both handicaps apply. EG Player A (-2) vs Player B (+1). Player A starts with -2 (ie needs to score 2 shots to reach zero), Player B starts with +1 (ie starts with a score of 1 shot)
  • If both players are minus handicap, handicaps net out. EG Player A (-3) vs Player B (-1) = Player A starts -2, Player B starts 0.
  • If both players are plus handicap, handicaps net out. EG Player A (+3) vs Player B (+1) = Player A starts +2, Player B starts 0.
  • If both players have identical handicap, both players start with 0.

On completion of your match, please place your score card in the new League Scorecard box adjacent to the existing club knockout card holder.

Organising Matches

Players are equally responsible for “challenging”.
Group matches can be played in any order, but each player must have completed:

  • first 2 matches by 31st May
  • next 2 matches by 30th June
  • next 2 matches by 31st July
  • 7th match by 18th August (Group A and B only)

Matches can be played earlier if you wish

Pick rink randomly on match day prior to play, but NO MATCHES on Rink One


Both players are equally responsible for arranging a marker.
Any club member (agreed between the two players) can act as marker but other League bowlers would be preferred. Players with full-time work commitments should not be expected to mark unless they offer.

League Points and Positions (Group Stage)

Points for each game in Group Stage are awarded as follows

  • 4 points for a win
  • 2 points for a loss, scoring 15 shots or more
  • 1 point for a loss, scoring 10 shots or more
  • 0 points for a loss, scoring less than 10 shots

League positions in Group Stage are determined in the following order:

  • Points scored (using points as above, ie 4,2,1,0)
  • Number of wins (regardless of score)
  • Points Difference (Points scored minus opponent points scored. EG a 21-15 win means points awarded 4-2 and therefore Points Difference of +2 for the winner)
  • Shots Difference (using actual match scores EG 21-15)

Leagues will be updated at each of the cut-off dates above, and can be viewed via the link at the top of the page.
As the groups have different numbers of participants, the two best-performing third place players will be decided by comparing league performance in the same order as League position calculations, averaged across games played (ie Group A divided by 7, Group C divided by 6). NOTE: This calculation is only for comparison purposes and does not affect results or league standings / points.

Should a player withdraw from the League, any matches they have played will be expunged and the league table adjusted.

Knockout Stage

The top two placed players in each group, plus the two best-performing third place players (as determined above), will progress to a knockout stage which will determine the overall winner.

Games for Knockout Stage will be as follows:
Game 1 Winner group A vs 2nd place group C
Game 2 Winner group B vs 2nd best 3rd place
Game 3 Winner group C vs 2nd place group A
Game 4 2nd place group B vs best 3rd place

There will be no semi-final draw, rather there will be a straight progression knockout ie Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2 and Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4



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