Presidents Mid Season Update.

As we approach the mid season of our Bowling Calendar I thought it would good to report on how things are going in 2018.Can I first take this opportunity of welcoming our “New 2018” Members, Messers Firth, Haslam, Schwamborn, Clements, Hall, Rickord and Milsom (apologies if I’ve missed anybody). I hope you are enjoying your club and the bowling.

Our Green has been bowling really well this year, very fast, it seems that the hard work and cost is paying off pre and during the season. There have been many positive comments from away clubs and visitors. As grass is a living thing its never perfect but we do try and do our best. The Club Monday’s and Friday Roll Ups and Club Nights have been well supported thank you. Also thanks to all those members who turn out for Friendly and Touring Sides Matches this is much appreciated and I hope you’ve enjoyed these. Club Competitions are progressing nicely with some expected results and some surprises which is good. You can track the progress on our Web Site, click competitions, click Here and click the comp you want, this will show the rounds taking place and the winners. Talking of the Web Site can I take this opportunity to say thank you to Adrian Brown our Webmaster for all he does for us and bringing us into a new Web Era. Comments are always welcome from members positive or otherwise so we can get the site at its best for members and visitors alike. League Bowling in the New Forest has been tough this year with currently the Ladies teams doing better than the Men’s. (Firsts are fith in League “A” and 2nd fourth in League “C” well done.) The Men’s are: (Firsts 7th in League 2 and the 2nd 7th in League 4 keep it up chaps). We hope all teams manage to improve and gain wins. Welcome to “New” members who have been experiencing League Bowling for the first time this season I hope you are enjoying it.

Our 90th Club Anniversary Dinner at Woodlands House Hotel proved a success with 64 attending and very good feedback, thank you for that and a special thanks to those who organised this event. Our second “Big” event to celebrate our 90th Anniversary will take place at the Club on Saturday 21st July 2018 in the shape of a Grand Barbecue Draw and relaxing Social Afternoon. If you bowl action starts at 2pm with eating and drinking about 5pm. All very welcome and we hope you are able to support this event a chance to chat, socialise and bowl. A list is on the Notice Board with food options, £10 per head, I look forward to seeing as many as possible attending. These have been very successful in previous years, give it a try please. Before then we have our summer Monthly Fish and Chip Roll Up on Friday 6th July, from 5-30pm for bowling and 7-15 for food £6 per head, we had 22 in June lets try and beat this on the 6th, names onto the list on Notice Board please.

Finally a massive thank you to all of you in whatever capacity for all that you do at “Our Club”. That is Bowlers, Helpers and Volunteers, Committee, Green Team, Socialisers or for just being there, it is “you the members” who make the club I just hold the “rudder”from time to time as President. Of course my best wishes go to those club members who are experiencing health matters and problems at present and I hope you are making steady improvements and wish you all well.

Thank you

John Howell

One thought on “Presidents Mid Season Update.

  1. Andy Lowe

    Great mid term report John. Rightly upbeat. We have much to celebrate. You could also have added that we also get very positive comments from our visiting teams on the men’s side for our hospitality, for which we have rightly earned an excellent reputation. Thanks to all the sandwich makers !!!! Hopefully we can keep up the positively with a good win tonight 😀

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