Functions of Our Club Match Secretary

Hello All, I have been asked by members if a brief explanation of the role of the match secretary could be given. This may help our endeavour to recruit a club member who may like to have a go at this position, either on an interim basis or for longer? You would have read my appeal in the Spring Newsletter and YES we are still looking and I would very much appreciate somebody coming forward to this role please.

Predominately the Match Secretary co-ordinates or organises our Club Friendlies (about 10 a season with other clubs home and away for Ladies and Gents). This is important as Friendly Matches gives a great deal of pleasure to our members new and established. Its seen as a starting point for members to join in a friendly game and further their bowling? Drawing up contacts with other clubs (we already have these details and contacts mostly) and sorting out dates for the games. There are availability lists for each game asking for players interested. Also email or phone contact with the clubs when looking at dates are for games, this is normally done about a year in advance. These games can then be added to our Fixture Card which is normally done by this role together with help from the committee. Naturally for each game deciding on a Captain for the day (it doesn’t mean you are Captain or that you are required to be at every game). Arrangements such as rinks for those playing and catering home games only (tea coffee and cake) and then you are sorted. There are a couple of Internal Competitions the Mixed Pairs and The Bridle Trophy to help set up but these can be done with assistance from the committee and captains. That really in a nutshell is whats required. As I stated no need to attend every committee meeting, or be at every game just liaise with myself or other committee members?

This role is important, no experience necessary and to re iterate anybody coming forward would have every assistance from myself and the Club Committee! Fancy giving this a try then I would be extremely happy if you contact me to talk through things? We really do need somebody as none of us in the club want to see Friendly games disappear or stop. Please get in touch, sooner would be preferred and we can work together for our clubs best interests ? Remember all this seasons friendlies are already arranged and sorted by the previous Secretary Ray White (who has relocated to Devon) who is more than happy to also assist the new person taking on the role.

John Howell President

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