Update Good News!

I promised you all should we hear any news from Bowls England on changes I would let you know asap? Well quick great news indeed, with Immediate Effect (6th June 2020) we CAN now bowl in pairs with others from different households? So one pair can play another pair with a maximum of 4 people per rink. Most Importantly Social Distancing of 2 metres MUST still be observed. The same rules on equipment use apply, on mats, jacks, cleaning wipes and gel. One person using mats and jacks per pair. The second change announced is that Spectators are permitted this is considered good for a persons health and well being, providing they are Club Members! This really helps us out especially if you are waiting to play or watching your partner or friend.

In a Nutshell the New Changes.

No 1. Playing Formats Per Rink : 1 person rolling on their own. 2 persons, same household or different households playing as a two. 4 people from same households or different households playing pairs. NB Equipment use and safety, no change using common sense cleaning before and after use etc. Measuring of the woods is NOT permitted, agreed heads only, however Spray Chalk only, may now be used for Jack touchers. At Lyndhurst BC this means that the 3 Rinks still will operate, 1, 3, and 5 but we can have a capacity of 12 players on the green at any one time. (Social Distancing of course). Signing in for ALL players is still required on each visit and names into Waiting List book if needed, followed by a sign in.

NO2. Spectators: Spectators ARE now allowed in the grounds of our club but must be Club Members Only. ( Perspective new members trying bowling out acceptable together with a member). This includes those who may be waiting to play at busy times. We would ask that if spectating or waiting to play, you use the benches on the grass area and outside the changing rooms only. This leaves the benches inside the gate for shoe changing, bags and equipment, once again common sense please. No entry to Clubhouse or Store permitted unless there is an urgent need for toilet facilities then follow procedures already set out.

All Other Rules and Guidance remain the same as published. I am delighted that we are now able to enjoy better bowling formats and welcome spectators and believe if guidance is properly followed members will enjoy their bowling or watching. Get texting, phoning round your playing partners, or any other members and challenge another pair.

John H (President)

 pp The Committee.

2 thoughts on “Update Good News!

  1. Malcolm Holmes

    Thanks for the good news John. It will be great to be able to play pairs again and to be able to spectate too.

  2. John Gardner

    Thank you John for all your hard work. This has given us all the opportunity to bowl on the green once more, and things can only get better from here!

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