Update On Limited Bowling (1 Week On)

Well its just over one week from “Our Green” opening for limited bowling and I am delighted to report that so far it has been a real (safe) success!

In one week we have now seen 26 Lyndhurst B C members take advantage of the chance to bowl, enjoy the outdoors at the Club, either by themselves, as a same household couple or with one other from a different household! We have seen 17 men, 9 ladies, 4 same household couples and even two new members who have joined last week! (Extending a very warm welcome to our club to Neal and Sharon Calderwood from Lyndhurst) sincere thanks go to Malcolm and Lotty who introduced them both to our friendly bowling club. I’m hoping that the attendance figures will go to over 30 members in a few days time, which will be great.

The visits to the club to bowl equates to nearly 50 visits, amongst the various members upon repeat attendance. This is excellent news especially on limited bowling and partial lockdown, more than we could have hoped for! The feedback received and by observation so far, indicates that the rules and guidance put in place to keep all members safe is working really well. Your Committee set out to protect our members and make bowling safe, in these times but enjoyable too. (Of course the fabulous weather has helped) The bowls equipment laid out to use, the necessary anti bacteria wipes and gel in place and the social distancing is all working. There have only been one or two minor reminders needed otherwise its all going good. I’m delighted to say that we have not had anyone yet having to go on the waiting list, or been delayed getting onto the green to play, there’s plenty of space and time daily between 10am and 8 pm for you to bowl!

So ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t been to the club to bowl yet because you were concerned, don’t be, a nice green awaits you to have a safe friendly “roll up” or even a little friendly game between two people. We naturally respect those members who for personal reasons have decided not to bowl yet. I’m hoping that some of you may feel, when things ease and time goes on, you may be able to join us at the club to bowl safely. If anybody has any questions or concerns, please ring me in confidence about the limited bowling?

Finally your club is watching the national picture and situation with the relaxations in rules from today and how this may impact on our sport. Should the advice we receive from Bowls England change, to open up numbers, types of games or formats, with talks taking place with the government at present. If there are any changes, I can assure you that any new details or information you will be informed straight away.

Wishing everybody well and good health.

John (President)

pp The Committee.



3 thoughts on “Update On Limited Bowling (1 Week On)

  1. susan dorothy

    Thanks to President John for all the time he has spent formatting a rule sheet for Lyndhurst Club from the Bowls England one forwarded, which has enabled us to feel confident we are bowling in a safe environment. Steve, too, has done a good job ensuring the greens run so well, and in fact now the extra trees have been cut down on rink 5 that should stop the build up of dust which always used to accumulate in previous years.


      Enjoyed a friendly game last week and hopefully repeating the experience on Tuesday and Thursday. Lovely to not only be playing but to do something that was “normal” in my life prior to the lockdown.

  2. Lotty

    Being back bowling again after 14 weeks as a virtual recluse has given me the confidence to go out and try to do the everyday things like shopping,which it has up to now been a concern to me. It was nice to be with my friends again and also to see familiar faces down the green.

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