Coronavirus message Part II – Player Information

THIS MESSAGE FOLLOWS ON FROM CORONAVIRUS MESSAGE PART I (which you can read here) and contains more information regarding
Playing Arrangements, Playing Formats, Equipment,
Clubhouse Facilities.


Playing Arrangements.

No 1. Membership.
Only fully paid up 2020 club members are allowed to play. If you haven’t yet renewed your membership and wish to play, can I please ask you do so by completing your membership form and returning it to Lindsay Barnes our Treasurer asap. This includes “full members” and “retained members” who can play 5 times this season with the £3 fee, paying this later to the Treasurer.

No 2.  Health (Very Important)
If you are feeling unwell at home in anyway, not just Covid 19 symptoms, but just unwell then please DO NOT come to the club. Follow the government guidelines and wait until you feel much better before thinking about coming to the club.

No 3. Personal Equipment and Advice
The club will provide antiseptic wipes, hand gel and gloves. I know many prefer to use their own so bring those with you but keep for your own use only. Please make sure you have a pen – no borrowing or sharing – you will need a pen to sign in! Bring all your own equipment to play: your woods, bowls bag, appropriate clothing jackets, warm jumpers and waterproofs, sun cream and any personal items you may need. The usual “Roll Up” casual clothing can be worn to play but there is nowhere to change at the club. There are no objections if you wish to use a facemask. We suggest you bring your own drinks and snacks if required, do not share or pass around, take your own rubbish home with you; there are no bins.
NB I am aware that some of you may have your “Woods, bag or bowling equipment needed” in the lockers in the changing rooms (There are still 6 sets in the gents and 2 sets in the ladies). Please contact me if you intend playing to make arrangements to collect these safely asap. You will need to take these away with you after play, as NO bowling or personal equipment is to be left at the club!

No 4. Travel to the Club
Please come by yourself in your car. No sharing (unless same households) as you will have your woods and bags with you and may have to wait outside. Sorry no pushbikes will be permitted inside the grounds. Local players may walk but remember you will have your equipment with you.

No 5. Opening Hours
Our Club will be open for play from 10am through to 8pm, 7 days a week. This gives you all plenty of opportunity for bowling. Grass cutting and any treatments will take place before these times (there could be a slight overlap on occasions).

No 6. Members on the Premises, Waiting and Queue
There are only 6 persons allowed on the green and in the grounds at any one time. As mentioned no spectators, guests, visitors or markers. We are not instigating a “booking system” as we feel our members will be fair with the actual numbers who will be playing. However here is some guidance:
Bowling will be on a first come, first served basis. In the first instance limited to 1 hour per single player, or two players or household couples. If there is nobody waiting to play and no queue, then you may continue to bowl longer than the hour if you wish. Please vacate your rink when another member arrives if none other available and leave the premises. Singles players can team up with another person to form a two to play at the club, but no queue jumping to do this please.

No 7. Arrival at the Club
The right hand “Main Black Gate” is to be left open at all times and will be tied back, do not touch please just enter if appropriate.

ALL PLAYERS must upon arrival, sign into Book No 1 on the table by the Equipment Store using their own pen, do not share pens. Please enter the time of arrival, print your name and sign. We are required to keep a record of who plays and you are signing to say that you have read and understood the rules to play.

If all rinks are full and in use, please put your name into Book No 2 on the waiting list and wait outside in your car. You will be able to see how long you have to wait. Then Complete Book No 1 entry before you start play that way times are logged. We have plenty of benches if needed to sit on to put your shoes on, one person per bench. Try and not touch the surface for obvious reasons. Do not use the white outdoor seats.
Sorry but no greetings of any kind are allowed between players. No handshakes, hugs, kissing, elbow bumps or high fives!!


Playing Formats

No 1.
The following formats are the only approved format you CAN play at this present time for bowling. Only play on alternate rinks in our case rinks 1, 3, and 5 will be used and set up for you. Do not touch or move the white rink marker boxe(An empty rink MUST be kept between rinks at all times)

1A: Individuals players playing bowls on their own on a single rink
1B: Two players from two different households playing on a single rink (no marker)
1C: Members of the same household on a single rink (no marker unless from the same household, probably only applies to one family group at our club)

Same Household members, we have about 10 couples and 1 family on our membership, these members do not have to socially distance, only from those not in their own household.


No 2.
Do not touch any other player’s woods or personal equipment at any time. Do not share or loan equipment.
ALL players a total 6 players MUST keep 2 metres distance from other players. This must be strictly adhered to at all times. Please remind others politely if they forget and venture into you space?



No 1.
To minimise the risk of infection only use the following essential items (as set out below) when bowling during your session:

1A: Book No 1 and if required, Book No2. (Sign In Book and Waiting List book)
1B: Mats
1C: Bowls (Your own woods with you)
1D: Jacks
1E: Gloves (if needed) use your own
1F: Bowling Lifter use your own (for use by one person only.)

NO other equipment must be used, including scoreboards, pushers, ditch markers, 2 metres sticks and chalk including spray chalk.

At Lyndhurst B.C. all the necessary equipment needed will be left out at all times, on a table for with Books 1 and 2, outside the Equipment Store.

(Do not enter the store)

One player only, you choose, of the two players is to use/touch the Jacks and Mats (even setting the mat for their opponent) throughout the session. We are suggesting using two jacks per rink placing one at the other end rather than rolling. Upon returning the equipment please use wipes, before placing items back on the table. When collecting the equipment use wipes, don’t assume the items have been cleaned before you.


Clubhouse and Facilities

No 1
Until further notice our Clubhouse, Changing Rooms, Toilets and Equipment Store are now closed. Do not enter unless it’s absolutely necessary, please see the following guidance:

If you do need to use the toilets when at the Club, then you will have to get the master key and then go into the Clubhouse for the relevant toilet key. Do not go into the changing rooms section. After you’ve finished wash your hands, place the throwaway towels in the bins and return the keys to the clubhouse straight away and lock up! To minimise infection you must wipe any surfaces you have touched, including toilet seats and handle, taps, door handles, key lock area and the keys themselves.

If in the event the first aid kit or the de fibrillator key is required: then obviously use the same procedure as above for the Clubhouse, one person only.

Do not go into the Clubhouse for ANY other reason whatsoever, including sheltering during inclement weather thank you.



These Guidelines and Rules will be clearly displayed at the Club to read, by Blog to members by email and also under the News Section on the Clubs Website. Please could you kindly make any non-web users you know in our membership aware of our Opening Information, Guidance and Rules!

Remember, stay safe, good luck and enjoy your bowling.

John Howell (President)

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus message Part II – Player Information

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  2. lynne haslam

    Sadly it looks like I will be unable to play due to not having my own woods! See you at the next social event (I do have my own plate and cutlery!)



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