Rinks, Comps, Update and Safety

Dear Member

RINKS : There has been some changes on the “Rinks Format.” Your committee voted to introduce 4 wide rinks (when necessary) on our green. This will give our green a better bowling usage, whilst remembering social distancing when bowling. As per the notice at the Club, Rink No 1 is having a rest so please use rinks 2, 3, and 4, extra mats and jacks are now with the equipment. Of course, if rinks 2, 3, and 4 are in use, then rink 1 can be used. These rinks will rotate on: Colours White, Black and Pink and are the rinks we normally use for matches and wider than the ones we have been using.

COMPS: Following interest from members we would like to offer a One Day “Open Pairs Competition” followed by another day for the Finals! That’s Two Ladies, Two Men or Man and Woman ,you choose. The date is to be confirmed but we are looking at Saturday  8th August (reserve date Sunday 9th August) and Finals to be on Saturday  15th August (reserve date Sunday 16th  August). Format and details still to sorted. The competition is dependant on committee approval on August 3rd. It is also dependant on a thorough review at that time on the Covid 19 situation. So please find a playing partner,  post yours and your partners name on the comments section below this and also write names down on the list, which will be on the equipment table. Obviously we shall have to see if there are sufficient numbers to support this event. If you need a partner please contact me so I can help arrange this if required. We would also like to see if there is interest in a “Singles League” to take place during August and September at personal arranged times. However this is again subject to committee approval as per the Open Pairs, same conditions apply. The Singles League will be open to Ladies and Men (Newer members are very  welcome to enter both competitions.) Please post a comment and put your names down on the list (same place). Good luck and I hope we can run these competitions this year. Keep an eye out for the final approval and the shut off day notices.  (Once again fully appreciating those members for their personal reasons, who will give these competitions a miss this year)

News Update: Bowls England have now approved internal club competitions and also the opening of Clubhouses or Pavilions subject to stringent safeguards. After full discussion by your committee, it was decided ours will remain shut and I’m sure you all understand the reasons behind this. Ours is too small to socially distance and with no daily warden or stewards or volunteers to manage. Urgent access only still please for toilet keys, committee matters or green keepers. Changing Rooms will still remain closed.  As President I am delighted that so many of you (numbers now into the 40’s,) are enjoying you bowling “Roll Ups”. We would like to do more but its not possible at present. Can I also please welcome a new member who has joined our club, Derek Pickering. Derek is an experienced bowler and we are pleased to have him join us, welcome Derek.

Finally Important Safety Reminders (Covid 19): Please everybody, this disease has not gone away so we DO please ask you ALL, to observe the following reminders for the safety of members at our Club. The 2 Metre Social Distancing Rules Remains. Safe use of all equipment and cleaning, distance on seat benches, personal property, handles, doors, keys and the toilets if used then clean after use. Please take ALL rubbish home with you, there are NO  rubbish bins for obvious reasons. Avoid personal greetings of any kind, thank you for your continued support to our Lyndhurst Bowling Club.

Keep Well, Enjoy your Bowling Safely please.

John (President)



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