Dear Members

Final reminders for entries please for our proposed “OPEN PAIRS Competition” on Saturday 8th August (Severe weather reserve date next day, Sunday 9th August). Also our proposed “Open Club Singles League 2020” (to commence from 5th August), both are of course subject to final committee approval on 3rd August.

There has been a very good response so far to both competitions so thank you all. We still have places available though for both competitions, so please enter your name on the lists on the equipment table, or leave a comment after this BLOG or contact me direct if you would like to play. Entries for both will close at midnight on Friday 31st August.

Full details, times, draw, leagues on both competitions will be published on Tuesday 4th August 2020 so please keep an eye out for a “New Post E Mail” regarding this or check the “NEWS SECTION on the Club WebSite.”

Thank you John (President)

NB. In respect of the “NFBA 2020 End of Season Cup Team” and information (sorry men only), I will be in touch with you all by telephone personally to confirm to those selected.


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