Weekly “Roll Ups” Resume

I am delighted to announce following discussion within the committee, that some “Weekly Roll Ups” are to resume until the end of the season. Please not these Roll Up Sessions will be on Friday Mornings Weekly until the end of the season!            (No Monday PM Roll Ups at present and No Club Nights sorry.)

So beginning this coming Friday 14th August we are planning to start roll ups again in the mornings (not PM) from 10.00 – 12 noon. (its often cooler). These sessions will be run again by Susan Barnes.  It will be the usual format:  if you wish to play please turn up by 9.50am at the latest to put your name on the board, (please wipe the marker) The discs will be given out by Susan only denoting which rink you are playing on enabling us to start at 10.00 prompt.  Please do not turn up at the last minute as this scuppers the rink formats and you may have to bowl outside the session! These roll ups are for everyone: beginners, new members and experienced players, who can help anyone new to gain knowledge of rink etiquette and improve their bowling technique and delivery. Roll Ups are also very useful if you are on your own, without a playing partner that day/week so provide some good company and are often therapeutic.

N.B. The usual Social Distancing and sanitising arrangements will still apply till we are given new guidance from Bowls England. Come changed pleased (except shoes) ready to play and avoid the usual un-necessary touching of surfaces and avoid going into the pavilion unless urgent. Once again your own refreshments and please take ALL your own rubbish home with you (we are not allowed to have rubbish bins)

Susan and one assistant only will deal with the Mats and Jacks set up so no need for you to think about equipment. Susan will also enter names in the sign in register recording for Covid purposes from the notice board.





One thought on “Weekly “Roll Ups” Resume

  1. Lynne Haslam

    I would like to thank both Susan and Mike for all the support they have given me during the roll ups. Together with those (with whom I have played) they have taught me so much in such a kind and generous way. Please pass on my thanks.

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