2021 Membership Information

Dear Members,

I hope you are all keeping well during these difficult times we are all experiencing. Like everyone here’s hoping life in general can improve in the coming months.

You will all shortly be receiving your 2021 Annual Renewal Forms, a little delayed sorry. Your Club needs you to re-join perhaps more than ever this year in order for our Club to thrive. Despite “Covid” lets take a look at some of the positives if we can from 2020. Generally there was resurgence in “safe” outdoor sports, hobbies and pursuits especially in bowls, golf, tennis and fishing? Numbers of people joining or partaking rose significantly as people looked to do a safe outdoor interest. With strict “Covid Safe Advice” from the Government and from “Bowls England” our governing body, bowling took place widely last year. Across the country and locally clubs were busy with safe numbers for Roll Ups, with Internal Competitions played by many and some friendly matches. Both the Men’s and Ladies New Forest Associations are planning to go ahead with their competitions and leagues this year, which is positive news. As I write, Covid Virus information and news is changing daily and weekly. Your Committee fully understand member’s worries and concerns. For some of our members the vaccination programme brings some positive news in gloomy times.

I’m sure we would all like to play bowls safely in 2021 if restrictions allow. My plea therefore to you all is; please re join our wonderful Bowling Club help to keep the club as vibrant and active as we can. Please complete your membership renewal form and return when you receive it? (NB: New Treasurers Address). We have kept the “Full Membership” fee of £120 the same no increase at all this year. There are NO additional Competition Fees or Locker Fees to pay these will carry over from last year. Please indicate on the renewal form your Competition choices in the section and Locker choice if you have one but no fee is required for these? If you are making a donation there is a section for that too.

Thank you as always for your loyal support.

John (President)  

pp The Committee

NB. If any member is unsure or wishes to speak to me personally, please get in touch? I would be very happy to speak on any personal concerns or worries.

One thought on “2021 Membership Information

  1. dereckp1@btinternet.com

    Hello John,

    I hope you are keeping well. I’m looking forward to re-joining and starting playing again. Disappointed that I can’t play in the competitions though as I’ll be away Finals weekend. It’s a shame but I knew it was a possibility when I booked this trip.

    Have you had anything on the New Forest competitions? I seem to remember them coming out about now. As I can’t enter the Club, I’d like to enter some of these.

    All the best


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