Back on the 22nd February 2021 when the government unveiled the “Road Map” out of Covid, it was wonderful news to see that Outdoor Sports (including Bowls) will be allowed to take place from the 29th March 2021? This news came after our Winter Lockdown and many people, including our members were hoping that this outdoor season at Lyndhurst B C could take place ? Normally we usually open our Green in early to mid April when its better weather and the Green will be in good shape, so the green light comes at the right time for us.

Your committee has met twice now, via Zoom and I can confirm all were in agreement at the last meeting that “Our Green” WILL OPEN at 10-30am from Saturday 10th April 2021 for bowling. This will not be a special occasion so basically if you can and you fancy a much needed roll up, turn up to play from the 10th April onwards. That’s the good news but in these still uncertain times I must inform you all that we still await exact details of the rules about bowling from our governing body “Bowls England.” This will be around the correct playing formats allowed, what can open, what must stay shut, how many numbers can play together and other associated details. We hope to have these details in about a weeks time when we as a Club will set out the correct rules for us all to play bowls and of course stay safe. I will let you know by email “post” as soon as we’ve been given the facts? Please continue to check your emails and our Club Website (under News) and pass the word around especially to those members who may not be on the computer?

There is some more good news and that is around Memberships 2021! I would like to thank all those of you personally and on behalf of your committee who have re joined our great club, sent in your forms and where appropriate paid the fees. A special thanks goes to those members who have very kindly made donations, that is fantastic. We are able to claim “Gift Aid” back so that increases the donations received. It’s been a tough year for us all and as President I was worried on many occasions about the future and keeping our lovely Bowling Club, active, vibrant, competitive, social and very much alive. I now know I need not have worried so much as you have re joined in very good numbers so thank you all from me. (A gentle reminder, as there are a few forms and fees still to come in, if you complete asap to Mike McCrossan our new Treasurer that would be marvellous).

We hope very much that there will be a full season of bowling this year and Club Competitions, Friendlies, NFBA, NFWBA, Competitions and Leagues WILL be going ahead as I write? During the winter our Clubhouse, Grounds, Changing Rooms, Toilets and of course Our Green have all still been maintained and upgraded, with lots of extra work (under the rules) taking place! This is to keep us in “good shape” and ready for the season and your return. Consequently there is NO full work day/morning needed this year (you are all stood down.) The committee members will finish off the final bits and pieces required ready for opening!

I will let you know full updated details as soon as I receive them? If anybody needs to get in touch I am happy to speak or emai, as always but this post information contains as much as I know at present. Best regards to you all and I hope you are all well after your vaccinations !!!

John (President)

2 thoughts on “GET READY TO BOWL!

  1. Ken Appleby


    Best news so far this year

    Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you and all our other friends at the club

    Ken and Glad

    Sent from my iPad


  2. John Gardner

    Fantastic news, John !

    A very big thank you to all concerned in keeping the club going in these difficult times.

    And I look forward very much to meeting up with friends and bowling on our Green once again.

    All the best. John G.

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