Found Bowls Bag and Woods – An Intriguing Story?

Dear Members

Do you recognise this “Drakes Pride plum coloured bag” and these Drakes Pride, Professionals size 4 M Woods? Have you lost, mislaid or even had them stolen? This bag turned up last September, under a bench in Poole Park not at the Bowling Club there but just in the Park! They were handed into the groundsman of the bowling club by a park worker, who then contacted me via our website. More identification details for you to ponder: the woods have our old Lyndhurst Club stickers on them, however closer examination reveal underneath these of ours are also Totton and Eling stickers. Then on one of the woods a further find there is a blue Caversham, (Reading way) bowls club sticker!
Nobody has reported them missing, as far as I’m aware none of our members play at Poole Park Club, we don’t play them at Friendlies and we are not in their leagues?? Please have a look to see if you recognise them, or know somebody in our club (or Totton) who does or did own them and get in touch. Due to lockdowns I’ve only just managed to collect them from Poole but they are now with me at home.

I await with interest

Thank you John ( President)

Exhibit A

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