Return to Bowls Information and Opening of The Green.

Good afternoon everybody and I’m delighted to say as promised we have now received some useful guidance and help about returning to play bowls for this season from Bowls England, Covid related and safety. I can also announce that our Club Green WILL open this coming Saturday 10th April 2021 from 10am and every day afterwards, for ALL playing members. (Sorry no spectators at this time, more details to follow.)

The key opening point to you all and most importantly is when attending please use “Common Sense” around yourselves and your fellow members and “Social Distancing” at all times please? The good news is that we WILL be able to open our Bowling season as planned within the guidelines, which are easing a little on Monday 12thApril. I will set out in the coming week on a further Blog/Post/Email (these will also be displayed at the clubhouse) what procedures, rules, and guidance we must follow for “Our Club”. I would please ask you all to follow this advice as we have a duty of care a “Risk Assessment” for our members and until 17th May the Covid restrictions are still a little tight. It is possible some members may forget safety guidance, although we did have plenty of Covid practice last year, so polite reminding may be needed to some, but lets keep it all very pleasant please if reminding? These guidelines are for our Bowling Club at Lyndhurst only and may vary from other Clubs. Please do not compare guidelines between Bowling Clubs as each Club are permitted to issue their own set of procedures within the rules.

The Covid safety rules to be issued will include, health, arriving at the Club, opening of all the necessary rooms, equipment, the Clubhouse, bowling information and rules also leaving the Club and premises? Apologies in advance for the amount of reading but I’m sure you are all desperate to get playing bowls again?

Finally I’m delighted to say your Committee and Green Keeper “Steve” have been working hard during the winter to get our lovely buildings, grounds and green ready for you all to return. We sincerely hope you will be able to play and enjoy a “safe outdoor sport, bowling” something I feel we all need in this 2021 season?

(If you see very tiny holes on the green, we are having “Green Air Injection Spiking” this week by a Green Expert with his new machine, so don’t worry its fine this is normal green treatment and necessary)

Thank you all for re joining our Lyndhurst Bowling Club this year this is much appreciated.

Happy Bowling 2021 John (President) and all your elected Committee.

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