April Opening 2021 Covid Rules

Playing Bowls With Covid Safe Rules and Lyndhurst Bowling Club Procedures.

* Prior to Attending The Bowling Club.  

* If you are feeling unwell in anyway we would please advise you stay away until feeling better or clear!

* Arriving at The Club

* The main Black Gate will be propped open at all times please leave this open.

* Please come changed for bowling, except your bowling shoes.

* Please bring your own gel and wipes.

* Players will need to print their names in the signing in book so please bring your own pen/pencil with you. (Small table by the Ladies Changing Rooms.) 

* The first bowlers arriving, one person only can enter the clubhouse and obtain 3 keys, for the Ladies and Gents Changing Rooms and the Equipment Store. * Please open these rooms then secure the doors open and leave the keys in the doors. They can remain open as long as there are people playing at the club. If you are finished and nobody else is present at the Club then please lock up securely ALL the doors.

* Sorry currently under the rules there are NO Casual Spectators allowed at present its bowlers only. This includes Social Members (sorry) as these are BE Rules. Bowls England and we are keeping this situation under constant review. (Exceptions permitted are, Grounds Man, Committee Members in official roles and our Store Keeper. 

What Equipment is Permitted.

* One person only at a time to go into the Equipment Store to access what you need. Allowed are: mats, jacks, (on shelf in store) rink markers, spray chalk your own, gloves if you play in them, score cards but only one card per game and if needed a lifter. (You can use your own mat and jack if you would like to?) Please wipe the mats and jacks after use. No scoreboards, pushers or ditch markers at this time.

* Toilets can be used, we suggest with our size rooms only one person at a time.

* Lockers CAN be used for those members who have registered and paid, (last years fees are carried over.) Again we ask that only one person at a time in these Changing Rooms.

Our Clubhouse/Pavilion.

*The Clubhouse is not open for members other than to access the keys, scorecards or diary. Obviously if there is an emergency, or first aid kit is required. Committee members may need to go in for their roles.

* From 12th April drinks, (all types) can be prepared and obtained from committee members but these are for drinking outside only, orders at the door? (The correct change if you can please)

Bowling Information and Detail.

Bowling under “Organised Sport” is allowed and numbers are NOT restricted but BE recommend a maximum number of 24 per green. (More later) 

* Please remember social distancing on the green.

* The good news under the new guidance rules. Internal Club Competitions, Internal Club Organised Events, this covers our Monday/Friday/Roll Ups/Wednesday Club Nights/League Practice/League Matches/Open Days/Mornings are allowed. (Exact detail we will know more after the 12th April 2021.)

* Roll Ups are classed as “Informal Activity” and are RESTRICTED to The Rule of Six or two households. 

* For any casual roll up play we will use alternate rinks that is Rink 1, Rink 3, and Rink 5 only. Allowed are singles, pairs and triples.

* There will be NO booking system in place, normally just turn up. Should however the green/rinks be fully in use then let someone playing know you are waiting to play? I would ask ALL players to be fair on this point. Last year, all season this worked very well.

* If you have an Internal Club Competition/NFBA/ NFWBA/Bowls Hampshire Competition arranged, please enter these into the club diary, time/date they have priority. Markers are allowed for competitions.

*  Players must only touch their own woods.

*  Measuring by one person only using their measure.

Leaving the Club Premises

* Sanitise your own equipment when finished and remember to take all your equipment home.

* Put all club equipment you used away safely back into the equipment shed.

* Security if nobody is left on site, please lock up the 3 rooms securely, placing ALL the Club Keys back on the usual hooks and the master key into the “key fob”.

* Please do not linger in large groups on the premises and remain social distancing until you leave.

* There is NO requirement to sign out when finished.

Thank you all for your understanding and compliance.                John H       (President)

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