Open Day 2021: Reflection and Feedback

As President of Lyndhurst Bowling Club to say I’m flabbergasted would be an under statement, when I reflect on last Saturdays “Club Open Day” it was simply put “Fantastic All Round”

Here are the facts; about 35 visitors attended the Club during the day plus 2 children. We had excellent help from 21 club members who acted as volunteers and now the good bit. We have managed to recruit 18 new members, (12 men and 6 ladies) signed up and paid on the day to our Club. This news is overwhelming and I think something of a Club record, simply put brilliant!!! There’s a strong possibility of between 2-6 more, who also attended on top of this once sorted, but not in the bag yet. Partners of some of those that joined are interested so another 4-6 possibilities to work on and we have 4 other private sessions booked for some (another 4) who couldn’t make the Open Day and may join us and sound interested in the next week or two.

This was a marvellous effort and my sincere thanks go to all the volunteers who worked hard on the green, providing refreshments, and helping with logistics equipment and admin. My sincere thank go to ALL those members who brought up and introduced new people to the Open Day thank you?  Without you ALL we would not have had this amount of people joining, which works out at nearly a whole third of new full members to Lyndhurst Bowling Club. Welcome letters have already gone out today (thanks Secretary Colin) and we have arranged two 1 and a half hour “Introduction Sessions” for new members in the next 2 weeks early on Monday evenings (Details and times are in the Club Diary)

To all our existing members, PLEASE make our newcomers really welcome if they turn up for a “Roll Up” or any organised sessions. A helpful and friendly welcome and approach is most important as the new members will be nervous, will need help with “woods” and equipment from the store, and knowing what to do. You can make a difference by being pleasant and assisting and helping in whichever way you can! Remember these new figures secure a good future for you all and our Club and more than adequately cover those who have had to retire from bowls, have ill health, or have or are moving away from Lyndhurst.

How did this happen? No doubt the “National Big Bowls Weekend” from Bowls England and all the publicity really helped. Good local marketing, banners and club leaflets put about locally also assisted. Club members introducing their friends REALLY helped massively and I think the “Covid Effect” made a difference too as people seek out a new interest, hobby and sport, that is outdoors, safe and healthy. Other members get your thinking caps on for introducing anyone you think may be interested its not too late!

Thank you All
John H (President)

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