Lyndhurst News – July

This “Post/Blog” is by way of bringing you all up to date on the latest “news” happening at our club in our outdoor season.

New Members
Our recruitment of new members as previously stated has exceeded “any” predictions and that is great. As of today we have signed up a staggering 25; all joined for their introductory season and a further 4 pending and 2 coming along for a try out. These figures are brilliant a
nd I would like to thank our members and new members who have encouraged so many to join our great bowling club. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those members who have made the new members so welcome that’s what we are about at LBC! This includes the support on Induction and Club Nights and also Weekly Organised Roll Ups. If you are a new member and you’ve registered for the emails of Blogs then “welcome”.

Green Damage
Sadly not all good news our green is under attack and we encountered some animal damage with holes appearing 3 nights in succession. Fortunately we are on the case with many steps being taken to deter including a “trail camera” to identify the culprits and some emergency lighting upon movement.  Children’s windmill toys are helping out, as the animals don’t like the whirring noise. Other steps too so it is being addressed but we ask for your patience in the meantime.

Bowling News in General
Both Ladies’ and Men’s New Forest League weekly matches are well underway and enjoyed by many of our members. All teams are doing pretty well but due to Covid there are no relegations or promotions so a “Taster Year” for all? Our Friendly games are also underway with 2 played already. If you fancy putting your name down details can be found on the Notice Board. It’s very enjoyable and a good way to start playing in a team – all very friendly as the name suggests! Our Internal Competitions are really well underway with some good competitive matches leading up to our Club Finals Day on Saturday 4th September (more details to follow in August)

Club Nights (Wednesdays 6pm start)
We have started to see some good numbers turning up at our Wednesday Club Nights enjoying the bowling and the socialising afterwards with a weekly “Bottle of Wine” draw. Its great to see good numbers but an appeal: We would love to see more turn up to support our club nights please. We will have two “Themed Club Nights” very shortly so check out the Social Events news and the Notice Boards in the Club House.

Missing “WOOD” (Bowl)
Please could I ask ALL members to check their own “Woods” (bowls) in your bags or carriers, all 4 of them please, as one of our Lady members Glad Appleby is missing one of her “woods”. We don’t know how this has happened but often you are only using 3 woods and so its important to take a good look carefully at all 4 of them. If you have an odd one (probably a ladies’ small size wood but it’s not certain so men to check also) please contact myself or Susan Barnes asap. These things do occasionally happen so if it’s you don’t worry unnecessarily.

Social Program
With the government and Bowls England restriction (all being well) being lifted soon and most of our membership double jabbed against the horrid Covid we hope to have some socials up and running!

Theme Club Night Wednesday 21st July 2021 “Wine and Cheese Get Together!”
There will be a shortened bowling session on the evening with wine and cheese afterwards? Details of this event will be on the Social Program Notice Board. A second “Themed Club Night” (to be decided) will take place on Wednesday 5th August again names of those attending on the notice board please in the Club House.

Summer BBQ!
We are arranging a Summer BBQ and Fun Bowling afternoon (Open to ALL Members Guest and Friends,) at the Club on Saturday 21st August 2021 starting the Fun Bowls at 2pm and followed by Food and drinks BYOG at 4 pm.!! It is so nice to be able to start socialising again at our club for you all to enjoy. Full details will be displayed on the notice board soon where you can put your names down, food choices and whether you are bowling (it’s not compulsory – you can just do the BBQ if you wish). As food has to be purchased this will need to be paid up in advance details will be on the BBQ Notice

Club Web Site
I will be meeting with our Web organiser very shortly and there will be quite a lot of new information and details going onto our web site so keep an eye out. The ladies’ matches and friendly matches will be entered as well as social events check out this information from next week.

Thank you all for your support this year to our club and a massive warm welcome to ALL our new members in 2021!!!

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