Club Finals Day at Lyndhurst

I’m now delighted to announce the completed Club Finals Day Programme and Order of Play! With some very close and keenly fought competition games and semi finals, the schedule below details which players have made it to the Finals. Or you can download the Finals Day Programme HERE

This is a very important day and special part of our bowling season for the finalists and the club. Please could I therefore ask that as many members try to come along to watch, encourage and enjoy the bowling. We do need spectators to make the day go well, so find a time or game you would like to watch or just attend anytime you can between 10 am through to about 4-30 pm.

I know that finalists playing really appreciate a good crowd watching. As they say “see you there” on Saturday!

Thank you

John H (President)

Dress Code:   
Players – club shirts/whites  
Markers – Whites  club/white shirt & blazer

Please arrive well in advance of the anticipated start time for each match

10.00am – Rood Cup Singles
N Calderwood (blue) vs K Hayes (yellow)
Marker: Colin Firth

10.00am – Handicap Singles
J Howell -2 (blue) vs P Barnes -2 (yellow)
Marker: George Bisson

12.30pm – Tregunna Handicap Pairs
M McCrossan 0 & J Gardner -1 (blue) vs M Ashmead -3 & A Goddard -3 (yellow)

12.30pm – Pitman Open Pairs
E Russell & M Safe (blue) vs D Croucher & M Redding (yellow)

1.15pm – Hughes Memorial 3-Wood Singles
S Barnes (yellow) v J Howell (blue)
Marker: Peter Smith

3.30pm – Percy Long Ladies’ Singles
E Russell (blue) vs M Safe (yellow)
Marker: Susan Barnes

3.30pm – Men’s Singles Challenge Cup
J Howell (blue) vs P Barnes (yellow)
Marker: Adrian Goddard

5.30pm – Presentation of Winners’ Trophies

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