Spring 2022 News Information

Hello all Lyndhurst Bowling Club Members!

I start off with an apology regarding this news/information format, which will be replacing the Spring/Autumn Newsletters, which we used to put out. With time constraints, rising costs of printing and postage, it has be come ever more expensive to prepare, organise deliver or post our old style newsletters. The committee felt after discussion most of the news could be distributed via our website “News Section” with all those members registered receiving an individual email like other blogs/posts. Obviously there will still be a few members not on this system and we can look at those and print out a hard copy so they receive it like others.  With rising costs all round I’m sure you’ll agree we could save money under this new style. We will also not be producing a “Fixtures Card” to save costs and I will comment on this later in the news information.

Our AGM seems a long time ago as we head out of winter and into spring.  During winter there has been a lot of work continuing. That is admin, financial and work actually at the club that all continues. Our Ground Maintenance tasks have included; removal of a diseased holly tree at the rear of the clubhouse, a new proper soak away to assist our septic tank, new lighting in our mowers and equipment shed (grateful thanks go to Ian Humphrey for that work) the shed has been tidied up. We have new “Bowls Rink Markers” for showing each rink in use! (Thanks to Colin Firth for his help here) Our club glasses cupboard now has all new glassware with the old glasses having seen the test of time! (Thanks go to George Bisson for his help). Also I’m delighted to say the Bowls Equipment Store has had a “make over and tidy,” with all the equipment clearly stored and identified. We now have 29 sets of “Club Woods” all up on shelves numbered in sizes and excess rubbish removed. This will benefit us all when seeking our equipment for bowling use. This does include 5 brand new scoreboards and 8 brand new bowling nets for use in wet and soft conditions. New “Jacks” were obtained last year and you will recall two additional support rails and step downs have been installed around the green. In the changing rooms our washrooms and toilets have new towel holders keeping things tidy (Thanks to Ian H again on this). So you can see things have been happening while many of you are cozied up playing indoor bowling, or even wrapped up on the mat at Totton B C. outside.

Not such good news is our volunteer rota for weekly cleaning of the clubhouse and changing rooms. This has not really worked or been supported which is a shame. In keeping with the majority of bowling clubs nationally and locally, Neil has now drawn up a cleaning rota for all full members. This will take place at 9 am on a Sunday morning and there will be 3 in the cleaning team! That’s the bad news; the good news is you will only be required to clean once during the season so no hardship there! Full details and the “2022 Rotas” with member’s names, teams and dates are on the Notice Board in the Clubhouse? Details of the work required will be set out for you! Thank you all in advance for this and supporting “Your Club” and importantly its facilities!

Our appreciation goes to our groundsman (and club member) Steve Hall for his excellent efforts on our green during the winter and now with his busy time coming up. I am delighted to announce we have a new “Treatments Green Keeper” by the name of Nick Fox who is qualified and a local Lyndhurst lad so please make Nick very welcome. You won’t miss him he is about 6’ 7″!!! Tall but pleased to have him on board. We have sadly said goodbye to Ray Mitchell who some of you will know and who has carried out this role voluntarily for about 12 years. Ray has not been in the best of health but is on the mend. I met with Ray giving him a card and gift voucher to express our Club’s sincere gratitude. Ray will be in the background offering advice and support when we need it. We also continue to have the excellent support of our Curator Adrian Wiltshire, who will assist Nick, Steve and the committee with his experience.

It was great to see 82 people at our February Quiz and Supper, probably one of our best and a great start to our 2022 Socials programme. Thank you to Trevor Binge our “Quiz Master” for a great job. Thank you to members for bringing along your guests and thanks to all those who attended and supported. Talking about socials I am pleased to report we have a new Social Team overseeing and arranging the social side. Neil Calderwood who has joined the committee for continuity and support heads this team up. Please if you have any ideas at all on social gatherings, speak to Neil who with his Team can look at the ideas. At the end is details of our already arranged socials, Skittles end of March and Race Night end of April, but more to come I am sure.

This News Information Bulletin will include all relevant bowling dates, social events dates arranged and our Club 2022 “Open Day” These dates will also be available on our website and displayed on our club notice board in the Pavilion. You can always take a photo on your phones of these for your own record purposes. All League matches, both Ladies and Gents are on the website as is all the arranged Friendly Matches, so far. With all this information we will not be duplicating details on a “Fixtures Card” as it is duplication! You may remember our “Bumper Open Day 2021!” where we had a large number join our club, which was good news! My message is please, a good healthy membership makes our club sound, and bodes well for the future and adds to our club financial security. So my usual plea with “Open Day” is please bring along any friend, relative, colleague, neighbour or anybody else you think might like our great bowling club and our socials! We have again registered and linked up with Bowls England for the Open Day so there should be a lot of publicity about our game. Of course if ‘your interested person/s’ are unable to make that day arrangements can always be made for another introduction time and date. We are always ready and open to new members!

Finally from me I am delighted to report that we now have a full Club committee, which is fantastic news. All positions are filled and I am very pleased with the committee having an excellent input into the running of our club for the benefit of all of you, the members. As President I am just the figurehead, our committee does a lot of the work and supports me so thanks go to all those volunteers. This includes our new Club Auditor and Club member, Dereck Pickering and our soon to be elected new Club Trustee of The Lyndhurst Sports and Social Club, George Bisson.  (Reminder to attend the Social Club next door, Wed 23rd March 22) to vote George in as our Club Trustee!!!) It will take a very short time only!

The Lyndhurst B C Green will Open on Saturday 9th April at 2pm all welcome, just turn up in casual wear and bowl. (If the weather is awful then it will open on Sunday 10th April again at 2pm!)

Men’s Captain Information

Adrian Goddard is able to report that 35 men attended the Men’s Meeting in February, including many newer members; this was a very good attendance. Adrian has arranged several pre season League match friendlies and please contact him if you are interested to play. There are 37 entries this year into the NFBA Competitions, which again is very encouraging. Those matches will be on the NFBA website and on our notice board. Also 4 people have entered Hampshire County Competitions. Our own Club Internal Competitions will be drawn soon in early April and these will be published on our website for you to read. Competitions matches can begin anytime, by arrangement of course virtually after our green opens, some members like it to get a bit warmer in late April or early May to start their games.

Ladies Captain

Susan reported that 20 ladies turned up to their meeting which is great and the meeting went very well. The Ladies league season begins on Tuesday 3rd May and Susan has arranged pre season practice for Tuesday 26th April, 2pm at the club and All Welcome. Susan is also hoping to arrange a pre season Friendly match. NFWBA competitions have been well supported for 2022! Glad Appleby has arranged a ladies lunch and a date has been sorted out in March.

Match Secretary

I’m delighted to report our “New Match Secretary” is Keith Hayes and he has now taken over from Mike Mccrossan. Keith informed me that eight 2022 Mixed Friendly matches have been arranged. (4 are home and 4 are away). All the details of these matches are on the club website and you will be able to put your names down on the games you fancy on the club notice board “Match Sheet”. The first one is early May so check this out once you begin bowling. There could be a further Match V Sports Centre later in the Season (not yet confirmed.) A reminder that friendly games are a great way of enjoying your bowling, playing with you partner or at the same match, in a Team and also a good way to improve. It is open to all ladies and gents and is very social, good fun and not too serious. Speak to Keith or any committee member for more information on friendlies.

New Saturday Club Weekly Internal Bowling Event

Yes at our club each Saturday morning, we have a “New Saturday Event” starting up! This will be run by Dereck Pickering and supported by Neil Calderwood and is open to all members. The idea is you turn up and matches against other members will be organised, fairly and points can be gained. There will be a minimum number of weeks you must fulfil to qualify, but it is certainly not every Saturday. Dereck’s idea is to offer another arm to our club bowling activity that members might like to improve their own standard. Again this is open to ladies and gents and as stated will be organised fairly. This does not affect the usual Monday afternoon and Friday morning “Roll Up” Sessions which will be still be available. It also does not affect our weekly Wednesday Evening “Club Night” which will also continue. Please keep an eye on the Notice Board for the starting date of the Saturday Bowling event and the start times, with more information to come.

There will be also be a rink kept free for those members who work and may want to play their club competition game on a Saturday morning.

Social Activities Dates

Saturday 26th March “Skittles Evening” 7pm at the Lyndhurst Community Centre.

Booking forms and details from Colin Firth and please to be returned by Saturday the 19th March, not too long. Skittles fun, a ploughman’s supper and all for £10!!!

Friday 29th April 2022 also at the Community Centre 7pm.

We have a ‘Race Night “organised for you which should be a good evening. The last one we organised in April 2019 was very successful and was well attended by club members, their guests, also guests and friends from the local Lyndhurst Village Community. A small sub committee is working on the finer details and more information will be available soon

LBC “Wednesday Club Nights” and Socials 2022!

Club Nights have traditionally been the one evening each week; many members come together for relaxed fun bowling, followed by some social interaction (not social distancing!). We would like to try and make the club evening to have a social feel so are looking at ways to put on different themes around food, beverage and normally a draw with prizes. Hopefully this can be done at least once a month or more if popular. We would kindly ask that if you can, ALL members of the club are asked to support at least some of the Club Nights during the bowling season, thank you! We strive to keep our Clubs friendly reputation and image, where as a full member, social or retain can enjoy the atmosphere at Club Nights. The last two years of restrictions have showed us all that we must take advantage of those things in life that matter with Bowling well up the list.

We hope to arrange more social events during the actual season, maybe a Wine Tasting Evening, another Quiz and even a Fish and Chip “Friday Supper at the Clubhouse.”  We are also likely to hold our Annual Summer BBQ and Bowls Event and will publish more details when this has been proposed! Moving into autumn we will return to our Indoor Winter Social Activities that you all seem to enjoy!

Thank you to all for supporting our Club’s Social Events, it’s very much appreciated and also for bringing your friends and guests along to these events!

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this new style “Spring News Information Bulletin” and would welcome any feedback.

John H (Club President)


All hands to the pump please to help get our Green and Clubhouse ready for the Opening on the 9th April and for the new season.!!!!

The more helpers attending (Ladies and Gents) the quicker the jobs get completed. There is not a massive list of jobs to complete so it shouldn’t take too much of your time? (If very wet we will move to 9am Sunday 10th April instead) Thanks in advance.

Bowling Dates Information 2022:

 Saturday 9th April at 2pm “Green Opens” (Sunday at 9am if its very wet?)
 All very welcome, casual attire.

Tuesday 12th April at 5-6pm (to be confirmed) Mens Pre Season FriendlyV Totton at Home.
Contact Captain Adrian Goddard if interested.

Wednesday 13th April 9-30 to 4-30: Indoor Coaching Session in Alton!
Unfortunately this has been cancelled due to a lack of qualified bowls coaches! We are hoping to re-arrange asap Contact Secretary Colin Firth

Thursday 14th April Mens Pre Season Friendly V Fordingbridge B, Away (For our 2nd Team Players) Contact George Bisson or Adrian Goddard if interested.

Tuesday 19th April Mens Pre Season Friendly V Highcliffe (Home and Away)
Adrian G or George B will contact those selected but contact either if interested.

Thursday 21st April Mens Pre Season Friendly V Totton Away (on their mat!)
Adrian G will contact those selected or contact if you are interested.

Tuesday 26th April 2pm Ladies Pre Season “Practice Session” At Our Club!
All Ladies are very welcome contact Susan Barnes for details.

Tuesday 26th April 6pm Mens 1st Team First NFBA League Match Away V Braeside for those selected.
(1st Team Matches each Tuesday Evening in the Season)

Thursday 28th April 6pm Mens 2nd Team First NFBA League Match Home V Verwood for those selected. (2nd Team Matches each Thursday Evening in the Season)

Tuesday 3rd May 2pm Ladies 1st Team NFWBA Matches Commence Home V Brockenhurst for those selected.
(Ladies matches for our two Ladies Teams take place most Tuesdays in Season.)

Sunday 8th May 2-30pm Our Clubs First Friendly of the Season Home V Alderbury
Contact Keith Hayes

Tuesday 10th May 2pm Ladies 2nd Team NFWBA Matches Commence Home V Braeside for those selected. 
Matches take place most Tuesdays in the Season.

Saturday 28th May 2022 CLUB OPEN DAY
(In conjunction with the Bowls England National Event.)

10am to 4pm The Club will be “Open and Ready” for any interested persons coming to the Club or being brought by members to try out the game of Lawn Bowling!!!! (Some volunteers needed more details closer to the day)
NB: (No Saturday Internal Event this week)

Sunday 24th July LBC “Mixed Pairs” Competition and Cream Tea Event
Times and Format will be notified closer to the day. Open to all.

Sunday 28th August LBC “Bridle Trophy Event”
Times and Format will be notified nearer the day. Open to all.

Friday 2nd September 2022 NFWBA Finals Day
For those who make the Finals and Spectators

Saturday 3rd September 2022 LBC Competitions Finals Day (All Day Event)
For those who make the Finals and Definitely Spectators Please!

Sunday 4th September 2022 NFBA Finals Day at Lymington BC (All Day Event)
For those who make the NFBA Finals and Spectators.

Thursday 15th September 2pm 2022 LBC “Captains Day
Open to all Ladies and Gents to attend more details nearer the Event?

Saturday 1st October 2022 2pm LBC “Green Closes” Event
All Welcome more details nearer the Event

Sunday 2nd October 2022 9am Working Party
Volunteers needed to put equipment away and The Green to Bed!

NB: There may be other Events and Dates Added during the Season so keep an eye the Events page on our Website and on the Club Notice Boards

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