Saturday Club League

The Club is delighted to announce the formation of a “New Saturday Club League” commencing at 9-45am (Sharp) this Saturday 16th April 2022.

Regular Saturday morning bowlers Dereck Pickering supported by Neil Calderwood, looked at getting more bowlers attending on Saturday mornings when often our Green was little used. They will be running a Session most Saturdays that sits somewhere between a “Roll Up” and a “Match or Competition” – something competitive but also relaxed and enjoyable This gives players of our 1st and 2nd teams, Ladies and Gents playing together, but also gives players on the fringe of the teams an excellent opportunity to try them selves out against League Players or slightly more experienced Players! Feedback from members of this type of bowling activity has been very positive so this really does plug a gap and provide a “New Session”. The first 2 weeks will be a bit of a settling in format, but once into the rhythm we hope this event will become a big part of our Club Calendar.

Dereck and Neil have been working on the League Format and it will be organised into “Pairs or Triples” depending on the number of attendees and could be mixed. Two questions came up in the feedback, which have been addressed; they were;
“If I have a Competitions Match scheduled for a Saturday morning, will there be a Rink free?” Answer is Yes other rinks will be available for other players to use., the usual booking in the Club Diary will apply.
“Do I have to attend every Saturday during the season to be included?” Answer is No if you come once or every week you are still welcome. There will be a set number of weeks needed to qualify for points, so don’t feel if you have other commitments one Saturday you’re excluded, you’re not.

The Committee felt this is an important way of bowlers gaining some extra experience to bring their own personal standards on. Also for 2nd Team Players to play against 1st Team Players and those coming through who may be newer bowlers to really bring their own game on! The Committee were also very grateful for Dereck and Neil for their suggestions and for being prepared to run the League most Saturdays.

 Please show your support to this New League by turning up this week or on a Saturday at 9-45am SHARP! Getting registered and enjoy bowling with other like-minded members is the idea. Dereck and Neil look forward to seeing you very soon.

John H

pp Dereck and Neil

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