Club Open Day 2023!

Dear Members

Not long now to our “2023 Open Day” on Saturday week 27th May 2023, from 10am to 4 pm. We are part of the Bowls England “Big Bowls Weekend”

This is a very important day as it’s our main opportunity to attract interest from potential new members to our club. We ALL as bowling club members have a key role to encourage friends, neighbours, colleagues and family to come along and give things a try out! Without being too dramatic if we don’t attract new members that seriously puts our lovely Club’s future prospects at risk! We have seen another Club in the New Forest League close down this year due to a lack of new members, so recruiting new member is vital. The usual advertisements, posters and notices have gone out but truthfully your help is really needed here. If all members could mention our Open Day to say, 2, 3 or 4 people that they know, this would make a massive impact! So come on let’s try really hard here please, we don’t want our great Club put in jeopardy in any way! (If the Open Day date doesn’t work for potential new members then bring them up at any suitable time or day)

Finally help to welcome people on the day is needed please. There is a list on the main notice board for volunteers, to date only 3 names are on the list, so more help please anytime between 10-4pm. (Saturday League and competitions are postponed, B & D Match is away and no casual Roll Ups on this day!)

I’m sure we all enjoy our Lyndhurst Club, our Bowling and being with friends so let us boost our club numbers for “all our futures”

Thank you

John H


2 thoughts on “Club Open Day 2023!

  1. Sallie Leatherdale

    unfortunately Brian and I Will be away for the open day but have 4 people who are interested in joining and wondered if I could arrange another date for them to come and try?

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