FAQ – New to bowling


I’ve never played bowls before how easy is it to pick up?
As well as being enjoyable, Bowls is an easy sport to learn! Here at Lyndhurst Bowling Club there will be plenty of people happy to help and give you hints and tips from day one.  We also run some coaching and help sessions for beginners.

Will I be required to play in matches?
No. When you join you can take part in any of the club bowling activities that you would like to and there is no pressure put on you to play in matches, unless you would like to.

I don’t have any bowls, equipment or clothing; do I need these to join?
No definitely not! Nothing is necessary to join or start Bowling but we do ask that you wear soft flat shoes only when on the rinks. Bowls or “Woods” can be provided by the club to start with if you don’t have your own; if you decide to purchase woods or other equipment, we will happily advise on the best places to buy.  And perhaps you will fancy buying something from our range of smart Club clothing!

Where can I buy bowling equipment?
Click here for a list of suggested suppliers, or ask other members for advice.

Can I use practice woods (bowls)?
YES these are held in the Club Equipment shed. Please note these can be borrowed but PLEASE return to the same place an do not take them away from the Club.

I’m disabled; can I bowl?
Of course! We welcome new applicants from all backgrounds, ages and abilities and try to encompass everyone. If you have any specific concerns please contact us.

When are the weekly group sessions organised?
Mondays 1.45pm for 2pm
Wednesdays Club night 6pm start
Fridays 10.15am for 10.30am

Can I turn up at any time?
YES between 10am and 8pm. Please check the Club Ciary in the Clubhouse to confirm if there are any League games or Competition games taking place.

My time is limited due to work and other commitments; how much bowling would I have to commit to if I join?
There is no maximum or minimum commitment to join. The amount you play is entirely up to you and the club always works to fit in with individual members time. You do what you can, when you can!

You’ve persuaded me! How do I join?
Click here to contact us or download a membership form

Is there a joining fee required to pay?
No we do not have a joining fee. In fact, as an incentive, we actually offer a 50% discount to any new person joining our club for the first season.

My partner doesn’t bowl, can they join the Club?
Yes this is encouraged and they can be Social Members and are welcome to spectate or join in the Clubs Social side and events

Will I be required to serve on the Club committee?
No, serving on the committee is voluntary and there is no compulsory element. Interest in our committee is always welcome though should you desire it!

Still have questions?

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