Bowling Update Corona Virus

Dear Club Members, as promised in my last message in March, I would inform you of any changes or news during the Corona Virus “lockdown.”

Firstly though “Our Green”, (see first photo) is still there and in good shape, thank you Steve Hall, unused in 2020.

You will notice some big changes: The property at our rear “Drenewydd” recently was granted permission to remove 6 Douglas Fir Trees, (Second photo shows the biggest tree remaining but will be gone very soon!)

Not only does this change the view but now means our Green will have, on sunny days, full sun from 8am to about 7pm! Also the southeast corner of the Green (turn left inside the main gate) will benefit, as the roots of these trees will no longer sap all the water underground. Hopefully this will make our grass fuller and better in this area.


During the lockdown I had the pleasure of talking to nearly all our members on the telephone and it was so good to hear from you all that you were doing fine and keeping safe and well. We of course have been monitoring the situation and some good news came only yesterday from Bowls England, that some limited bowling can begin and Greens can re open! It will be permissible, for those members who want to; to start outdoor lawn bowling once more. We are currently awaiting further advice and guidance from the Government and Bowls England and as soon as we get this, your committee will start to put all the necessary steps in place. Clearly as a club we have a duty of care to all of our members, so the finer details and measures need to be set out clearly first. As soon as this happens I will inform you all, by way of a “News Blog” like this to let you all know. Please however pass onto any of those members not on the Net!


Some caution though before you get too excited; this will be only social bowling (2 metres apart) and only playing with one other person from outside your household. Same households and families can play all together on their own. As I say all the information and details will be out there published soon and passed onto all bowling clubs. We can then organise our club properly and safely for those of you who would like to play bowls this season, albeit in a different format to what we are used to. Please keep an eye on our Website and any news.


Thank you for your patience


John (President)

3 thoughts on “Bowling Update Corona Virus

  1. Malcolm Holmes

    Thanks John, this is a very welcome ,if gentle, step forward. We’re looking forward to meeting up again with our fellow members (socially distanced of course) as well as seeing all the fantastic improvements that have been carried out over the winter.
    Malc n Lotty

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