Urgent Message for Members

This is a warning message to All LBC members from John your President.
We have a scam taking place at present where members are being emailed, purporting to be from Ray White (our former match secretary now living in Devon). Of course the scam is asking for money or to purchase etc! To ALL please…
Do Not respond to any emails from Ray White or in fact any other LBC members.
Do not click on anything on the email. Please ignore and take no action whatsoever other than to delete asap.
I have been informed by several members so you ALL need to be on your guard please with the computer. Ray White has been contacted by telephone in Devon and is aware of the scam. If anybody is concerned, do nothing on the computer and telephone me personally if you need re-assurance.
Thank you
John (President).

One thought on “Urgent Message for Members

  1. Sylvialongland

    Hello John, I had one of those emails this morning. I thought the first one was unusual, but as it just asked if I could do a favour. I replied to it. The second on e ( asking if I could buy a gift card from amazon ) rang alarm bells.and I replied no, sorry, don’t do online shopping as there are too many scammers out there. I just don’t understand how anyone could have infiltrated my email account. I wish I’d been aware before. ( I have not had another since ) I will delete the co respond anCe . I did have a dodgy phone call once claiming to be from Amazon. But since I don’t deal with Amazon I guessed it was a scam and didn’t respond. You now know why my phone is off the hook most of the time ! But how did they get into my email addresses ? Thanks for your email Best wishes Sylvie Sent from Sylvia’s iPad


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