Green Closure Information

Closure of Our Green

The Green will be closed for Casual Roll Ups and Play on the following times and dates?

This is to allow for a NFBA Cup Game and the Open Pairs, Rounds, Semi Finals and Final.

I apologise in advance to other members for these closures.

Today Tuesday 4th August between 5-30pm and 8pm only. (Sorry for late notice)

NFBA Cup Match V New Milton “A”.

This Saturday 8th August from 9-30am through to 5-30pm.

Club Open Pairs Competition

The following Saturday 15th August from 9-30am through to 2-30pm.

Club Open Pairs Semi Finals and Final

Other than these closures and perhaps one or two other short other periods “Your Club Green” is OPEN 7 Days a Week for your use to enjoy. Green is OPEN DAILY from 10am through to 8pm for bowling for the rest of this season through to Saturday 3rd October 2020, extended this year by a week.

John Howell (President)


One thought on “Green Closure Information

  1. susan dorothy

    Thanks very much John, for taking on the task of organising these competitions, which is no mean undertaking.. See you Saturday!

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