Annual General Meeting 7pm for 7-30 pm start On Thursday 19th November 2020.

At the time of writing (30th October) and all being well, we shall be holding our AGM at The Lyndhurst Community Centre (Linden Hall, the Big One) on Thursday the 19th November 2020. The Community Centre has been designated a “Covid Safe” Venue where ALL precautions are strictly put into place and comply under the current local area rules and restrictions on both the location and numbers. All current members will be receiving over the next few days Our “Autumn Newsletter,” together with all the information required about the AGM? That is Attending, Not Attending, Agenda, Postal Vote, etc etc which explains what is happening at the Bowling Club AGM. This years AGM will be, for obvious reasons a shortened meeting but nevertheless an important one to take place. It is hoped that many of you, if you are able and feel well enough to, would please come along to support your Club and your Committee in this a very different year for us all! (NB This meeting is not available via Zoom) The full meeting minutes will as usual be published after for you to view.

Thank You John H (President)

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