Welcome Video

Dear Members, Some really good news, amongst all the “Lockdown” and doom and gloom we now have a new “Welcome Video” on our Club Website!

Our Club WebSite continues to grow from strength to strength and we now have a new addition of a “Welcome Video” which we hope will attract new interest in our Bowls Club. Now viewers can see some bowling action, some short clips of members and get a flavour of what we are all about here at Lyndhurst B.C. (It’s only 2 mins 39 seconds long). I would invite our members, their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to all have a look on our Club Site. On the “Home Page” top line left hand side you will see “Welcome Video”, click on this and the video will appear, then just click on the Video itself.

During the 2020 bowling season with limited bowling and reduced numbers it has not been easy to facilitate and produce the Video. Next year hopefully, we can enhance the Video with more filming of larger numbers at the club and film some of our social activities. Meanwhile I’m sure many will agree, what we have here is excellent quality and filming and will go a long way to help any new interest shown in joining our Club. We are always competing for new members which is so important so this must be good news?

Thank you to Colin and Sue Firth for arranging and organising the Video with our film maker James Aubrey. Also to those members who took part (more of you will be needed in 2021) and our Web Master Ade Brown, for his efforts in facilitating this onto our Club Website.

I hope you like it?

Thank you John (President)

One thought on “Welcome Video

  1. Trevor Binge

    Really great to have the video on our Bowls Club,I expect some of the stars in the movie will be asking exhorbitant sums for Autographs hopefully for the clubs funds.Seriously though it might help us to get more recruits which of course we need more off and hopefully next year we’ll get back to some sort of normalcy. Thanks for all the hard work you know who you are cracking job all round from cameraman and pilot to ground crew and make up😂👍

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