Cancellation of Green Closing Event (and Fish and Chips) and Work Party

Due to the awful weather forecast for tomorrow Saturday 2nd October 2021, the committee have sadly decided to cancel this event. It looks like NO bowling could take place and that left us looking at 30+ people pushed into our small Clubhouse eating fish and chips! The Committee felt this was unwise with doors closed from the weather and everybody very close in the current Covid situation. Naturally many of you will be disappointed but will understand I’m sure in the circumstances. We will try and arrange in a larger venue soon, another “Social Fish and Chip” get together so keep a look out for any notices regarding this!

Work Party

This Sunday 9am start 3rd October 2021 we would still ask for volunteers to spare an hour or so to help us put equipment away for the winter and clean and tidy facilities. Your assistance would be really appreciated the more attending the easier jobs get finished.

John H 


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