Amended Details Re Coaching Session

Please accept my apologies but I’m afraid I may have given the impression in the first ”Post” that the Bowling Coaching was only for beginners and I pitched it too low! Colin has now informed me of more details of the coaching for those considering attending, which I think is important.

Although beginners are welcome we wanted you all to know that the coaching session is also aimed at one up from basic to the next development level for members! Further details of the session includes covering, building a head, reading a head, bowling to an off centre jack and distance control. Each bowlers technique will also be videoed with an opportunity for all to develop their skills in key areas?

I hope this clears this up and I feel many of our members, of different bowls levels would really benefit from this coaching arranged? Please if interested or any enquiries contact Colin asap to get your names down. The Club would really appreciate some good support from our members.

John H (President)

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