Bowling Coaching

Following on from the successful Bowls coaching session at Chawton Park Bowling Club in Alton, Hampshire in April; the Club has been looking at ways to offer coaching to ALL members to improve your game? Please indicate if you would be interested in coaching this season that way the committee will be able to put something into place. Coaching is something that many of us need from time to time, at a very modest cost and something that all agree can improve our own individual game! Please could you indicate to Colin Firth our secretary who will co ordinate a list of those members interested.

For new bowlers (last years and any this year 2022 new joiners only) Susan Barnes is organising a session with another coach to help with the real beginners on bowling, etiquette and understanding. Please keep an eye out or enquire with Susan once this has been arranged. This will be different from the Coaching mentioned above?

John H (President)


2 thoughts on “Bowling Coaching

  1. bmouland

    Hi John Yes I am interested in the ‘New Post Bowls Coaching’ but do not have Colin Firth’s ‘E’ mail details.

    Best regards Myra Mouland

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